Yellow Cucumber Pickle / Kakadee Ka Aachar / Dosakaya Pickle

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Yellow Cucumber Pickle / Kakadee Ka Aachar / Dosakaya Pickle, 100% Vegetarian, Made with Yellow Cucumber, Available in 250gm, 500gm, 1kg & 2kg Packets

Yellow Cucumber Pickle is another unique variety in the world of pickles. Cucumber has always been considered as one of the coolest fruits and this pickle recipe is a true surprise. This pickle is generally made in the summers and served with plain rice, chapati or paratha.


This kakadee ka achaar is made with yellow cucumber which is small and round. It comes with a crispy tart flavour. The other ingredients used in this pickle are 

• Salt

• Hing

• Lime juice

• Methi powder

• Mustard seeds

• Yellow cucumber

• Red chilli powder 



Yellow cucumber pickle is now available right at your doorsteps. This is a homemade recipe and 

• Has a shelf life of 2 months.

• Made with farm-fresh yellow cucumbers.

• Available in 250gm, 500gm, 1kg & 2kg packets.

• Does not contain any artificial flavours or food colour.

• Is 100% vegetarian and can be served during pooja fastings.


Keep this pack of yellow cucumber pickle fresh and tasty for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Store in a cool and dry place.

• You can refrigerate this pickle.

• Always use a spoon or dry hands to scoop out the pickle.

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Long shelf bottle served me for almost 2 months

I love to experiment with my cuisines. This yellow cucumber pickle adds colour and variety to my new platters. The pieces of cucumber are quite large and tasty.