Yellow - Gold Shade with Beautiful Flower Coral Set with Ear Rings

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Yellow Gold- Shade Beautiful Flower Coral Set with Ear Rings, Affordable Gift Set, Made with Fine Quality Alloy, 1 Gram Jewellery Set


This yellow gold- shade coral chain with earrings is a perfect match with any ethnic or western apparel; be it sari or evening gown. Due to its beautiful style, this set is a great gift item on birthdays, anniversaries or on Valentine’s Day. This coral set is

• Yellow gold- shade in colour.

• The chain is gold toned.

• An 1 gram jewellery set.

• The set contains two floral earrings.

• There is a single large flower shaped pendant dangling from the chain.

• The earrings and the pendant are made with alloy.


This coral chain and earring set can become one of the most adorable jewellery collections because of the following facts.

• The jewellery is made with fine quality alloy and thus retains the new look for a long time span.

• The flower shaped jewellery set matches with most types of dresses.

• Comes with a classic look and can be worn both at Indian festivities and also can be used as office accessories.

• The set is available in an attractive jewellery box.

• Buyers can ask for a gift pack and send the gift directly to the recipient address with a personalised message.

Maintenance & Care 

This yellow gold- shade coral jewellery set sparkles for a long time span if the following tips are followed.

• Keep the coral set away from chemicals like perfumes and sprays.

• Keep the set away from water; do not clean the jewellery with water.

• Wrap the coral set in a cotton cloth or butter paper and then keep in the jewellery box. 

Note : This Product will be Dispatched within 2 to 5 Business Days.The actual product might differ from the product image available in the website.As the products are handmade while the dimensions may vary and have 3-5% of tolerance in the actual product.

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