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Indic Organics- A Brain Child Of A Parental Care:

Necessity is the mother of invention. Indic organics is the brainchild project of a couple who started eagerly searching from the initial days of pregnancy for the best vegetarian diet for their baby till 3 years. In their incessant exploration for the best diet for children, they came to know through old folklore that the cow milk extracted from desi cows Ghee procured the desi cow milk is the ultimate diet for newborns and infants children.

Cow Milk: Nothing can supplement Mother’s milk. But Cow’s milk and milk products (Ghee) may be introduced as a supplement to a baby’s diet after 12 months of birth. Researchers opined that the best milk to serve as a supplement to kids is the milk extracted from Malnad Gidda Cow due to its rich quantity of lactoferrin.

What are A1 and A2 milk varieties?

The A1 milk is acquired from the varieties of cows which are of Western origin like Holstein Friesian, and Jersey, whereas the A2 milk is the milk extracted from the cows of Indian origin like Gir and Sahiwal. Though both the milk are having common milk protein casein as a major nutrient component but the type of casein present in them differentiates the two from each other in terms of quality. A1 milk contains A1-casein (with histidine which forms his allergin on a breakdown -) and A2 milk contains A2 –casein (with Proline). Another important factor i.e., lactose intolerance is very much high in A1 milk. With all these consequences it is concluded that A2 milk is generally beneficial and a boon to kids and pregnant mothers.

Incredible Products From Indic Organics: 

Indic organics has been producing Pure A2 cow’s milk dairy products. Indic Organics believes in the ethical sourcing of its products which implies that the first and foremost right over a cow’s milk is of its calves. The Satvik energy of these indigenous cows, divulged through their milk, may travel far and wide range of areas through this unique form of ‘Liquid Gold’ also called Ghritam A2 Ghee.

Ghritam Vedic Malnad Gidda A2 Ghee:

Indic organics has chosen Malnad (hilly region) Gidda (small or dwarf) variety of cow as the best source of milk for the production of all their inimitable products. In the Indian sub-continent, the pure breed of Malnad Gidda is a very rare Vedic A2 variety humped Cow with an attractive hump which is the inhabitant of the Western Ghats and its surroundings. As these cows are exclusively grazing on diversified medicinal plants and rarest of the rare Ayurvedic herb community in mountain ranges, the milk and milk products prepared/extracted are well-regarded in ayurvedic circles for their medicinal value.

Salient Features:

  • The higher amounts of DHA aids the development of the brain in infant children, reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, cancer, insulin resistance and arthritis.
  • The Ayurvedic evidence speaks that this Ghee is Snigdha in nature. It reduces rheumatic inflammation in joints, digestive tracts and skin.
  • MUFAs – Omega 3s fatty acids support the cardiovascular system.
  • The anti-microbial property boosts immunity.
  • Detoxifies the body. 
  • Butyrate maintains stomach lining.

Ghritam Vedic A2 Gir Ghee: 

Indic Organics has been offering a fabulous quality of pure/unaltered A2 desi Gir Ghee extracted through the Bilona method. These desi Gir cows are fed with wild medicinal /herbal floral varieties available in forest habitats. This product extraction involves 0% of mechanisation and 100% ancient Vedic traditional manmade practices. The product is equipped with useful bacteria to maintain long-lasting freshness in the gut by promoting GIT (Gastro Intestinal tract) health.

On consumption, this ghee improves HDL or good cholesterol levels in the blood due to rich Omega 3 fatty acids. The cholesterol content in this ghee will easily melt at body temperature only. Proven researches connote that the Ghritam Vedic A2 Gir Ghee is an outstanding source of good fat for expecting mothers and infants and young children.

Rewards From This Product:

  • Precluding heart blockages and clogging of vessels.
  • Rich in micro and macronutrients (Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Proteins and other vital minerals, Vitamins A, D and E).
  • Immune booster- by promoting the production of NK cells (natural killer cells) and T cells in the gut. 
  • Instant liver catabolise and offering a quick source of energy
  • Western Ghats Raw Honey

Indic organics Western Ghats Raw honeyis a unique product that is exclusively harvested in a sustainable way from the wild beehives set up in the thick forests of Western Ghats. Raw honey derived from the munificent flora of Western Ghats, India is rich in significant nutrients along with astounding medicinal properties and unique in taste and texture. Western Ghats biomes are older than the Himalayan habitats and it is blessed with a diversified Flora and Fauna which are the rarest of the rare herbs. 

Amazing Benefits:

  • Boost and strengthen the Immune system.
  • Afford instant relief from respiratory issues (cold, flu and cough).
  • It offers essential vitamins, flavonoids, amino acids and minerals.
  • Diminishes Insomnia and eczema: 
  • Offers instant and long lasting energy.
  • It safeguards the liver from damage.
  • Potent in healing wounds ( Anti-microbial).
  • Aid in regular bowel movements.
  • Upholds the cognitive development of the child.

Raw Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: 

Indic Organics has been generating the real unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil which is extracted from dried sections of copra.

The Unique Features:

  • These are free from artificial Preservatives, ingredients and additives.

  • The natural aroma of the Healthiest oils can be used in regular diet and cooking practices.

  • Lauric acid- as a chief ingredient, eases the process of digestion and relieves constipation.

  • These coconut oils are highly suggestible as a baby massage oil for body care.

  • Coconut oil from Indic Organics is a potent solution for eczema and acne conditions.
  • Promotes healthy growth of hair 
  • Soothes and controls diaper rashes.

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