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Satisfy Your Midnight Cravings With Postcard Snacks & Sweets:

It’s late at night, you are done with your dinner a while back, you are winding down, watching a movie or TV series, and that’s when you realize you are hungry again. You don’t want to get another meal; you don’t want takeout food; what you want are munchies and or snacks. Snacking is a very common thing, especially among night owls. Midnight cravings are a real thing, and for those who have them, you will hear amazing stories about how far they would go to satisfy their cravings.

So, when it comes to midnight snacking, people often go for chips which are unhealthy and dissatisfying when you realize you pay more for the air in the packets than the chips. So, what can be better snack options? Well, as always, the better way is to go desi and take advantage of the hundreds of snacks and sweets that originate in India from the different states and their respective cultures. 

Postcard snacks offer a wide range of Indian snacks and sweets that are healthier than chips and deliver a better taste. So, let’s go through their products, and if you are interested, you can buy Postcard local flavors of India, Postcard namkeen, and Postcard sweets on Distacart.

Postcard Snacks & Sweets That Are Perfect For Late Night Cravings:


When it comes to snacks, India has a lot of tasty delicacies waiting for you. These salty and delicious treats originate from different parts of the country. They are produced with the best ingredients to ensure that the taste of each snack is as close to the original local snack as possible. Here are a few examples of the best snacks from Postcard.

Banana Chips:

If you want to enjoy chips, why not go for the ones that are a bit healthier than potato chips? Banana chips are exceptionally tasty, have a new flavor and will not clog up your arteries in ten years. On top of that, bananas as fruits are rich in potassium, which can help you keep your blood pressure levels under control. So, choosing banana chips is a great way for you to snack without feeling guilty. Banana chips are also available in many flavors and varieties, so you will always have something new to eat during your midnight cravings.


Chanachur is a very versatile snack that can be very fulfilling as well. Chanachur comes in different flavors, from spicy to tangy to hot and sweet. The range and the variety of elements in it are sure to keep your mouth entertained when you are consuming your mind’s entertainment late at night. Chanachur is not healthy, particularly because it is, after all, a fried snack, but it does not contain potatoes either. If you like spicy snacks, Chanachur should be a must-have on your list of snacks.


India is a land of celebrations all year round, and the various Indian sweets that originate from different parts of the country are a big part of these celebrations. You can find amazing sweets with rich flavors from every corner of the country. Here are some of the best and most popular sweets available from Postcard.

Khus Khus Barfi:

For sweet lovers, khus khus barfi can be a great late-night snack for you. These barfis are made from poppy seeds and sesame seeds. The seeds are ground and mixed with jaggery and ghee to make the final barfi. These sweets have a distinct flavor that is unique in itself. You also get a taste of cardamom in these Barfis, creating a web of delicious flavors that will send the taste buds on your tongue into overdrive.

Kovilpatti Peanut Chikki:

If you love snacking on nuts and would love to try something new, the peanut chikkis are a great new snack for you. Made using very simple ingredients such as peanuts, jaggery, cardamom, and ginger, this sweet snack is one you will be munching on for days. The sweet taste of jaggery balanced by the beautifully roasted peanuts and a hint of the taste from cardamom and ginger makes it a beautiful concoction that just works beautifully.


Indian Pickles are very popular , and people of all ages enjoy them. Sour and sweet pickles are especially popular with children and women; these delicacies are very different from the pickled cucumbers you might use. These pickles come in different flavors and are very rich in taste; here are a few examples.

Bengali Kul Pickle:

The Bengali Kul pickle is made using a variety of jujube that is found in India, known as Indian jujube. This pickle is very rich in taste and has a sweet and tangy flavor with the occasional spicy aftertaste. It is a popular snack during summers, and if you like sour food, this is a must-try for you. It is made using very simple ingredients like sugar, Indian jujube, chilies, and an assortment of spices.

Banarasi Red Chili Pickle:

As you can imagine by the name, this is the perfect pickle for spicy food lovers. This pickle does not feature a chili by itself; the chili is stuffed with local spices that create a beautiful flavor that will water your eyes and mouth. This pickle is commonly served as a condiment along with meals, and it is enjoyed with naan bread and roti by itself.

Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits are very popular in India, and it is one of the most gifted items during the national celebration of the festival of Diwali. Starting from rich nuts to dried raisins, there is a lot of variety in Indian dry fruits, some of which are mentioned below.

Sangli Raisins:

It's plain and simple, but there’s a twist, these raisins are bigger than a lot of the ones you might have seen before. Featuring the same known and loved taste, you just can’t go wrong with Sangli raisins.

Malabar Jumbo Cashews:

Cashews are very popular in India and are widely used in many Indian dishes. As the name suggests, Malabar jumbo cashews are much bigger than the regularly available cashews, and they feature a richer taste in comparison. You will be better able to understand how and why these cashews are better once you try them against your store-bought cashews.

Postcard Snacks & Sweets FAQ’s:

1. Where can you buy Postcards online, both snacks and sweets?

You can buy Postcards online for both snacks and sweets on Distacart, which is available worldwide.

2. Are Postcard snacks and sweets worth buying?

Yes, they are surely worth buying because they feature beautiful flavors from India along with a long shelf life. For snacks, what more would you want?

3. Can you give Postcard snacks to the children?

Yes, you can share your Postcard snacks with children without any problems.

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