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September 12, 2020 Medically Reviewed By: Dr Manu Chandra(BAMS)

A Boon For Mental Health: Himalaya Herbals Mentat Tablets:

Our day-to-day lives can put a great deal of stress on us. This stress not only affects our bodies but also affects our minds. According to the National Mental Health Survey conducted in the year 2019, an estimated 150 million Indians were suffering from some type of mental health disorder due to stress and out of this around 32 million were not seeking treatment for their disorder. This data should be enough to strike a chord about the importance of taking care of our mental health.

So many of us associate being 'healthy' with being in fit body shape and eating a nutritious diet. But being health conscious isn't only a matter of body but mind as well. The repercussions of neglecting your mental health can be grave. It is only a matter of time when a normal sleepless night turns into insomnia and stress-related anxiety or depression.

The first step in the journey towards sound mental health is paying attention to our daily life and making essential changes. A common mistake that people make is rushing towards heavy anti-stress medications and sleeping pills which can prove to be toxic in the long run. They often miss out on some of the natural ways of keeping mental health in check.

The answer to several health conditions that exist today lies in this ancient system of medicine - Ayurveda. One such product to cater to our mental health is Himalaya Herbals Mentat Tablets.

What is Himalaya Herbals Mentat?

Himalaya Herbals Mentat is an Ayurvedic formulation which is the answer to the modern-day mental health disorders caused due to stress of our routine lives. The product comes in a tablet formulation packed with extracts from medicinal herbs and other plants. The product has proved to be beneficial in combating several behavioral disorders.

Himalaya Herbals Mentat Tablets


The magical power of Himalaya Herbals Mentat tablets resides in its ingredients. The chief ingredients of include: 

Brahmi or Thyme -


Brahmi leaved Gratiola which has a soothing effect on our brains and cognitive function.

Madhukaparni or Indian Pennywort -


This is a key ingredient as the herb has proven to have an anti-epileptic effect. It also improves the deficiency of amino acids in the body which is helpful to curb depression.

Ashwagandha or Winter cherry -


This ingredient is well known in Ayurveda for providing support against anxiety and depression as it serves as a mood-stabilizer and rejuvenator for physiological functions. But the superpower of winter cherry is the ability to repair mental fatigue by lowering oxidative stress in the body.

Health benefits of Himalaya Herbals Mentat Tablets:

Mentat Tablet Benefits

As has already been suggested, combining the chief ingredients of Himalaya Mentatdefinitely provides a good amount of health benefits like:

  • Improving the general mental health of an individual
  • Helpful memory booster and enhancing the Intelligent Quotient of the person
  • Boasts the ability to concentrate on efficient learning
  • Helpful to combat several mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • Mood stabilization effects
  • Calming effects on the brain
  • Similar effects like acetylcholine esterase (an enzyme involved in the breakdown of acetylcholine neurotransmitter)
  • Antispasmodic effects on smooth muscles of the body
  • Improves the cognitive function of the brain
  • Beneficial for maintaining general health and body vigor.

Clinical Uses of Himalaya Herbals Mentat Tablets:

Owing to its surplus health benefits, Herbal Mentat is used under many clinical mental health conditions. The product has proven its mettle in the battle against several mental disorders. The clinical uses of Himalaya Mentat Tablets are:

  • Disorders of memory dysfunction-The product is helpful for patients suffering from disorders such as memory loss or learning inefficiency. It helps to improve the cognitive functioning of the brain and improve memory retention and retrieval.
  • Disorders associated with behavior-The Mentat Tabletis a beneficial aid for the treatment of behavioral disorders such as hyperkinetic mental state, unstable moods, irritability, increased aggressive behavior, and enuresis.
  • ADHD-The product has been known to have a positive effect in patients suffering from conditions like Attention deficit hyperactivity. The tablet includes acetylcholine esterase like activity which helps in producing a calming effect on the brain.
  • Mental disorders due to stress-Patients suffering from anxiety caused due to stress can consume this product as the tablet helps reduce the concentration of monoamine oxidase, which increases during anxiety.
  • Decreases mental fatigue-The product offers a calming and soothing effect which lowers the stress levels of the body and creates an environment of good mental health.
  • Disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease-As the product causes reduced stress levels, it is often used along with other allopathic drugs in diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's to provide relief from secondary symptoms.
  • In conditions of mental retardations-The Herbal product works in improving the general mental health of any individuals and hence, can be used in conditions that cause mental retardations.
  • In Epilepsy-An important application of the Mentat herbal tablet is its antispasmodic property which can be used to counteract the seizures, and convulsions that occurs during an epileptic episode.


Himalaya Herbals Mentat is available in a pack of 60 tablets which can be utilized by the individuals as per the direction of a physician. People generally follow the below schedule to have the medicine.

  • 2 times in a day.
  • 2 tablets in a day.

Himalaya Herbal Mentat Tablet FAQs:

1. What is Himalaya Mentat Tablet used for?

Himalaya Mentat Tablet enhances memory and learning capacity. The natural ingredients in Mentat improve mental quotient, memory span and concentration ability.

2. What is the shelf life of Himalaya Herbal Mentat Tablet?

Shelf life of Himalay Herbal Mentat Tablet is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

3. What is the advised dosage of the Himalaya herbals Mentat tablet?

The tablet can be consumed 2 times a day but the dosage may vary with the physician’s prescription.

4. How many tablets are available in a single pack of Mentat Tablets?

One pack of the product includes a total of 60 tablets.

5. Is Himalaya Mentat good for anxiety?

Himalaya Herbal Mentat, an Ayurvedic medicine is found to be useful in the management of nervous disorders. It is very useful for treatment of various neuropsychiatric disorders like depression, cognition impairment and anxiety.

Disclaimer: One must consult a health practitioner before consuming or using this product.

4 Responses

Rhona Meiring
Rhona Meiring

May 31, 2022

We start to drink this product on Saturday. My husband coming off drugs is a new person. Me living with all the stress is also a new person. I don’t know if it is my imagination but I feel that it start to work immediately in my system. No using for a month and then only start to work. Best product ever for anyone. Ten stars

Distacart Happiness Team
Distacart Happiness Team

April 03, 2022

Hi Harun,

Yes, we do deliver the products to UAE. Please place the order. Once you place the order we will dispatch your order from our hub.

If you are facing difficulties while placing the order please call us at:+1-855-253-4782

Distacart Happiness Team


April 03, 2022

Himalaya mantat tablet possible available in UAE


March 17, 2021

Over 50, grumpy and agressive, annoyed by petty things. I took 2 of this Mentat, first day I felt calm and very calm as though am drowsy but not. My kids wondered what is happening to me because they seem to be used at my shouting and screaming. It works wonders. I am so calm and collected and soft as before. This herb made me my self. I saw it at my next door neighbor and read it, then it’s when I felt the need for it. Thank you

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