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Home and Kitchen

Home and kitchen involve items that are used for day-to-day cooking requirements and items that assist in food preparation and storage. They include cookware, cutlery, dinner sets, and other supplementary products. One can now search and order a wide variety of home and kitchen products online manufactured all over India and in traditional handicraft hubs easily over websites like Distacart. These online websites also offer products from old and trusted brands like Hawkins and Prestige that have become household names in India. These products come with company warranties, and they also have easy return policies in case the product is damaged or faulty. One can also find sellers offering cookware and items used for traditional cooking to enrich one’s cooking experience.

Kitchen cookware

This includes products like pans, Tawa, pressure cookers, Handi, kadhai, kitchen tools, etc. The brands that provide the best products in this category include Prestige, Hawkins, and others. One can choose products made of aluminum, iron, steel, copper, and anodized non-stick cookware as per one’s taste. Brands like Mitticool also sell eco-friendly materials like clay, which is also a healthier medium to cook.

Tableware and Dinnerware

This category includes products made of plastic, melamine, glass, steel, copper, and ceramics. The items available online are coffee mugs, plates, dinner sets, bowls, and cutlery. Every kitchen of any average household requires the stuff mentioned above for everyday usage in food preparation. Be it for self-use or be it to welcome any guests at home, a collection of exotic dinner sets and cutlery is a must to impress.

Kitchen and Storage Containers

Cooking food requires prior preparations like cutting, washing, scraping, steaming the food items, and storage. Apart from cookware, food processing requires items like casseroles, kitchen storage containers, coconut scrapers, fruit and vegetable peelers, and baskets. Lunch boxes, water bottles, and others are required as well to carry food. These products are as indispensable as products that are required in cooking food. Online shopping websites have made the task of selecting and ordering easy over the internet, that too with delivery at your doorstep. You can order products of various qualities, quantities, shapes, and sizes at your convenience and choice.

Copper Items

It has been scientifically proven that water stored in copper bottles or jugs and food cooked in copper vessels offer many health benefits. Copper has antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight infections and their prevention. It helps protect against cancers, manage diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. Nowadays, many sellers in this category are offering authentic products like jugs, plates, glasses, bottles, and copper cookware.

Clay Items

Today people are adopting natural and organic means to cook food. Food cooked in traditional cookware like clay pots tastes good and stays fresh for a long time without refrigeration. It tastes good as the flavor is retained and enhanced. It also does not stale for longer periods post-cooking due to the aeration and porosity of the clay utensils. Different products in this section include clay handi, curd pots, pans, etc.

Home & Kitchen FAQ’s:

1. Is it safe to store water in a copper vessel for a long time?

No, to reap the benefits of copper, you must ensure to store water in a copper vessel for not more than 6-8 hours as excess intake of copper can lead to copper poisoning.

2. Can I make rotis on a clay pan?

Yes, you can make rotis of jowar, wheat, rice, and other millets on a clay tawa.

3.Does the food in a clay pot burn easily while cooking?

No, the food in a clay pot does not get burnt easily

4. Is anodized cookware better than non-stick cookware?

Yes, anodized cookware is a safer and healthier cooking option as compared to Teflon-based non-stick cookware, as they do not peel off on scraping or get damaged at high temperatures.

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