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Enjoy The Flavors Of Authentic Indian Food

India is a land of mouth watering delicacies. Enjoy the true taste of authentic Indian food with us. We present superior quality and freshly packedIndian food right at your doorsteps, irrespective of the fact that you are in the USA or Canada.

Why Indian Cuisines?

Indian gourmet is a blend of exhilarating flavors. While the spicy and crunchy snacks recipes like Murukulu and Chegodi can be relished with a hot cup of coffee or tea, the butter soft kaju barfi, sugar dipped jangiri and the infamous Motichoor laddu can be served on any special occasion. You can chooseIndian food online order options to get these wide range of flavors at your home in USA or Canada. 

Popular Confectionery Items

Sweets/ Mithai:

Any Indian meal is incomplete without a sweet dish. You cannot think of performing an Indian ritual or celebrating an Indian occasion without sweets. Traditionally, Indian sweets are flavored with rose water, saffron and cardamom and decorated with rose petals, pistachios and almonds. You can also opt for sugar free Indian sweets. 

We bring the renowned sweetmeats from the top sweet brands like G. Pulla Reddy, Mithaiwala and Vellanki Foods to sweet lovers of Canada and USA as a part of ourIndian food online delivery initiate. Buy sweets and stock in the refrigerator to be always ready to welcome guests with some sweetness!

Snacks/ Namkeen:

Indian tea time is incomplete without namkeen orIndian food snacks

Fresh from the house of G. Pulla Reddy, Mithaiwala, Dadu’s Confectionery and Vellanki Foods, we present you the crispy and spicy Indian snacks. Authentic Indian namkeen are super tasty snacks item which can be eaten at anytime of the day or night. Salted pea nut, kaju mixture, chidwa mixture and sev are some of the infamous teatime snacks from the country. These ready to eat food items are filled with the goodness of nuts and grains.

Pickles/ Achaar:

Pickles or Achaar are native to the Indian subcontinent. Indian Pickles are prepared using a variety of vegetables and fruits. Combination of edible oils and exotic spices offers a mouthwatering taste to pickles. A spoonful of mango or tomato pickle is a play of different flavors on your taste buds. Popular as the grandma recipe, pickles have a long history in India. Earlier stored in ceramic jars, these days pickles are available in food grade plastic bottles. We bring to you a complete range of sweet, tangy and spicy pickles from the top brands like Joshi, Vellanki, Abhiruchi.


If you love cooking, try out the authentic Indian spices. These are magic ingredients in Indian cuisines. Cardamom is hand harvested at Malabar Coast and directly brought to your home in quality graded packaging by different brands, while turmeric, saffron, cumin, chaat and sabzi masala are most used spices in any Indian delicacy.


Dry roasted, fried or microwave roasted, you can have papad in any way you want. This spicy and crunchy side dish can add taste to any simple platter. Papad are generally made with urad dal, salt spices. The chana dal papad, kali mirch papad and red chilli papad are some of the other popular varieties available online across USA and Canada.

So scroll through our site and choose the food item of your choice. The confectionery items are sourced fresh from the brand after you place the order. We takeIndian food order online and provide delivery within 4-5 days of placing the order. If you want, we can gift wrap and send sweets and namkeen directly to your loved ones. You can even add a personalized message to your gift. 


1.What are Indian sweets called?

Indian sweets are known as Mithai. The word is coined from mitha, meaning sweet.

What are the most popular Indian sweets?

Gulab Jamun, Motichoor Laddu, Kaju Kathili, Mysore Pak and Jangri are some of the most famous Indian sweets.

Can I get sugar free sweets?

Yes. Sugar free varieties of sweets are available. Try out Pulla Reddy Sugar Free Badusha, Vellanki Foods Sugar Free Dry Fruit Burfi and Pulla Reddy Kaju Kathili Sugar Free.

What are sweets made with?

Milk, sugar, ghee and flour are some of the most used ingredients in Indian sweets.

What are popular Indian snacks?

Kara mix, Sakinalu, Groundnut Chekkalu, Boorelu and Kaju Pakoda are some of the most popular Indian snacks.

How does namkeen taste?

Namkeen, as the name suggests are generally salty and spicy.

What are the key ingredients in namkeen?

Namkeen are generally made with edible vegetable oil, flour, spices and curry leaves.

What are pickles made with?

Pickles are made with different types of vegetables soaked in brine (water, salt and vinegar). These are them mixed with spices.

Are pickles sour?

Pickles come in different flavors. These are generally available in sweet, tangy and hot chilli flavors.

What are the essential Indian spices?

Turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, cardamom, mustard seeds and garam masala are some of the most popular Indian spices.