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December 04, 2020 Medically Reviewed By: Dr Manu Chandra(BAMS)

Himalaya Herbals Shatavari - An Ayurvedic Revolution for Women:

The current state of life among people is one that is persistently on a run. Under such times, the health and well-being of a person often take the back burner. Women are especially vulnerable to the dangers of neglecting the mental and physical health as the stress in our day-to-day life can take a toll on the body physiology.

There is a lack of awareness among women about such dangers is also a weak trait as it has led to an increase in the incidence of several women's health-related conditions. If you compare the rate of health conditions that are particular to women during the earlier times and now, you will find that the proportion of women suffering from some kind of health condition is much larger today. Obviously, the major blame for this goes to the changes in the lifestyle.

Women usually go through a higher burden of workload and mental stress in their lives. They have the added responsibility of taking care of the family as well. Under such a mountain of work, personal health becomes the rubble in the corner. All that changes today because this negligence can cost you a lifetime!

We need to realize that taking care of one’s health and maintaining a safe lifestyle is as important as completing the daily workload.

So how does one cater to better health?

The actions for better health can go two ways. Either an individual starts early on in life and takes the correct measures for leading a healthier life or they seek treatment when the conditions arise in its full form. So, which one do you want to be?

Ayurveda is a simple yet powerful tool in combating complex diseases especially the ones that arise as a result of improper lifestyle. People are starting to realize that it is wiser to seek help from Ayurvedic medicine as a solution to several health conditions instead of jumping on the bandwagon of heavy dosed allopathic medications that may cause more harm than benefit.

The most underrated significance of Ayurveda is the longevity of women's health. Whether it is hormonal trouble or a lifestyle-related condition, this ancient art of medicine packs all the answers.

Carrying the legacy of Ayurveda forward, Himalaya brings you a miraculous herbal product that is aimed to improve the health of young girls as well as women and provide them a long-term healthy life. This product is the Himalaya Herbals Shatavari.

What is Himalaya Herbals Shatavari?

Shatavari is the Sanskrit term used to denote the medicinal herb Asparagus. This herb finds its presence in the early Ayurvedic medicine for being a powerful weapon to curb the effects of a plethora of human health conditions. This herbal plant possesses the healing properties of a hundred medicinal plants all packed into one.

Several women experience hormonal and fertility-related problems in the world today that may prevail as a consequence of the lack of healthcare and the general stressors present in the routine lives. Himalaya Herbals Shatavari brings the age-old therapeutic measures of Ayurveda as a revolution for women's reproductive health.

Himalaya Herbals Shatavari Women's Wellness


The Himalaya Herbals Shatavari combines these impeccable medicinal principles into one product. The herbal preparation is a viable tonic for improving fertility and vigor in women. It contains the herb Asparagus racemosus that has a powerful empowering effect on the hormonal mechanisms and metabolisms that occur in the female body.



Shatavari has traditionally been used in Ayurveda to strengthen female  fertility and can also be used during pregnancy to provide nourishment to both the mother and fetus. Shatavari can even help stabilize a woman's body and emotions throughout her moon or menstrual cycle.

But the health benefits of this product go way beyond just hormonal influences. How? Let's have a look!


Each tablet contains: Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) root extract - 250 mg.

Health Benfits:

Shatavari: A boon for women health

There is a reason that Shatavari rules the world of Ayurveda as a wonderful medicinal plant. The herb comes with unmatched potential for providing health benefits to women. Some of these include:

  • Himalaya herbals Shatavari helps create a hormonal balance in women or correct the imbalance that may be present already. This is done by the huge array of phytoestrogens that are plant-based estrogens. As we all know estrogen is an important hormone of function in a woman's body. Any imbalance in the concentration of this hormone has a direct effect on the menstrual cycle and ovulation. Shatavari works to provide a healthy source of estrogen to the consumer and restore the imbalance of hormones.
  • Shatavari is a miraculous herb to maintain the cyclicity of menstruation and ovulation in women. The positive hormonal control exerted by the herbal product helps in achieving a high-functioning menstrual cycle that is timed perfectly. This is especially beneficial because this regulation of the menstrual cycle is established via natural elements such as phytoestrogens and not the highly complex artificial steroids that may cause deleterious health effects in the light of treatment.
  • Herbal Shatavari is also beneficial in reducing the symptoms of pre-menstruation such as mood swings, irritability, cramps, bloat, and body fatigue. It helps in providing relief from the discomfort that may occur during the period of menses.
  • Not only for pre-menstruation but Himalaya herbals Shatavari is also helpful in alleviating the signs of menopause in women. The medicinal properties of the herb reduce the end term symptoms such as hot flashes, irregular flow, and hypertension.
  • The chemical elements involved in Shatavari like saponins, alkaloids, sitosterol, stigmasterol, tannins, and proteins also provide an anti-ulcerogenic property to the herb. This is useful because the herb prevents the formation of ulcers in the different vital parts of the body particularly the gastrointestinal tract that is quite prone to ulcer formations.
  • The plant also possesses gastroprotective characteristics. The product has a soothing and healing effect on the gastric mucosa due to the presence of compounds like asparagine A and various polysaccharides.
  • Shatavari induces a diuretic effect on the urinary system upon consumption. This effect may be caused due to proteins and tannins. The herb improves the flow of urine and establishes an increase in the efficiency of the excretion and elimination of the waste product. This way the toxins and nitrogenous substances can be easily flushed out from the body through urine.

Himalaya herbals Shatavari Benefits

Clinical uses and indications of Himalaya Herbals Shatavari:

Now comes the conditions for which Himalaya Herbals Shatavari can be used as a good remedy. As the medicinal herb holds an immense variety of physiological benefits under its wing, the possibilities of its clinical use as an Ayurvedic therapy are also endless:

  • For irregular menstrual cycle: The countless steroids and phytoestrogens present in Himalaya herbals Shatavari such as triterpene, saponins, and Shatavarin I-IV serve as a natural source of estrogen for the body. They help in regulating the hormonal imbalances that are often the root cause of irregular menstrual cycles in women. Shatavari induces a greater reserve of estrogen that is essential for the proper and timely ovulation and in turn the control of menstruation. The product has shown great results in controlling the irregular periods and curbing the fluctuating hormones in women of all ages.
  • For menopause: Menopause essentially results from the depletion of estrogen from the body in women. This reduced estrogen may be harmful because it can cause several health conditions such as weak bones and joints, increased irritability, heat flashes, and general fatigue in the body. Himalaya Shatavari helps relieve these symptoms associated with menopause by providing a healthy and natural estrogen reserve to the body. It is common practice for women to load up on artificial steroids recommended by medical practitioners to combat menopause. But these steroids can result in weight gain and increased cholesterol levels. Thus, using an herbal product is much safer.
  • For problems of infertility or reduced vigor: Estrogen is the hormone primarily responsible for general libido and fertility in women. A reduction in this hormone may cause reduced receptivity and sex drive in females. There have also been several instances where low levels of estrogen in the body resulted in infertility and reduced conception rates in women. The Himalaya Herbals Shatavari provides a great treatment under such scenarios by replenishing the supply of estrogen in the body.
  • For pre-menstrual symptoms: In some women, the pre-menstrual symptoms may be a cause of discomfort. The common pre-menstrual signs are irritability, bloat, increased discharge, spotting, body cramps, and generalized fatigue. The Himalaya Shatavari is a useful agent to reduce such symptoms and ease the discomfort during the time of menstruation.
  • For improper lactation: There have been many cases of excessive and irregular lactation in women after giving birth. Shatavari serves as a good treatment to regulate milk production in women without posing a danger to their health as it supplies prolactin hormone to the mother which is important for milk secretion. As the immunity of the mother is lowered after delivery, a natural hormonal therapy should be preferred.
  • As a post-partum supplement: Himalaya herbals Shatavari helps provide smooth post-partum recovery to the mother as it reduces the effect of fatigue and negative energy balance. The product also promotes the improvement of the physical and psychological health of the mother and rejuvenating her body.
  • For heartburn: The effects of Himalaya Herbals Shatavari are not limited to the reproductive system. The herbal product provides a good treatment for heartburn and the associated acidity due to its gastroprotective properties.
  • For colitis and other GIT infections: Shatavari displays anti-ulcerogenic properties that prevent inflammatory changes and ulcer formation in the gastrointestinal tract. The product can be used to achieve relief from pain and irritation caused due to inflammation.

Himalaya Herbals Shatavari is a majestic tonic for rehabilitating women's reproductive health. The herbal preparation provides classical therapeutic effects without altering the natural hormonal metabolism of the body.

Every woman should incorporate a self-health care routine in their lives and pay attention to the wellness of their mind and body. Himalaya herbals Shatavari caters to the reproductive health of women and that too in a convenient form.

Say hello to a healthy life with Himalaya Herbals Shatavari today!


Take 1 tablet two times in a day, after meals or as suggested by the doctor.

Himalaya Herbals Shatavari FAQs:

1. What is the shelf life of Himalaya Herbals Shatavari?

The expiry date of Himalaya Herbals Shatavari is 2 years from date of manufacturing.

2. What is the composition of Himalaya Herbals Shatavari?

The Himalaya Herbals Shatavari contains the root of the Asparagus plant that serves as an adaptogen and a natural estrogen supplement to restore the hormonal balance in women.

3. Can new mothers use Himalaya Herbals Shatavari?

Yes, Himalaya Herbals Shatavari can be used as a vital Ayurvedic supplement by women post-delivery as a source of recovering from fatigue and improving the mental and physical health of the mother.

4. Are Himalaya herbals Shatavari helpful in increasing milk production after delivery?

Yes, the herbal product helps in regulating prolactin levels in the body which is the milk hormone. Hence, it can be used to optimize lactation in mothers.

5. Are there any side effects of Himalaya Herbals Shatavari?

Although the product is safe to use, the individual is advised to seek a professional opinion before consumption especially in critical health conditions like pregnancy, lactation, etc.

6. Do Himalaya herbals Shatavari contain isoflavones?

Yes, the product is composed of the root powder of the medicinal plant Asparagus and the plant contains compounds like isoflavones and steroids.

7. Are Himalaya herbals Shatavari good for immunity in women?

Yes, the herbal product is a good agent for boosting immunity in women and improving their core vitality or ‘ojas’.

8. Who can use Himalaya Herbals Shatavari?

The product is mainly concerned to improve the reproductive health of women and regulate their hormonal levels.

9. What ages of women can use Himalaya herbals Shatavari?

The Himalaya herbals Shatavari can be used by women of all ages. The herbal preparation is effective among young as well as old women.

10. Is there an Ayurvedic remedy against symptoms of menopause?

Himalaya herbals Shatavari serves as a powerful tool to combat the discomfort caused during the period of menopause. It helps to alleviate all the typical signs associated with menopause.

11. Are Himalaya herbals Shatavari useful against menstrual cramps?

Yes, Himalaya herbals Shatavari is useful in relieving discomfort caused due to menstrual cramps that may arise before menstruation. The product is safe to use and has shown positive results upon consumption.

12. Is Shatavari a diuretic?

Yes, Asparagus or Shatavari is a natural diuretic and increases the flow of urine upon consumption. It supports the elimination of nitrogenous wastes and other toxins from the body by increasing their drainage via urine.

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