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March 15, 2021 Medically Reviewed By: Dr Manu Chandra(BAMS)

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind Wellness - Improves Mental Agility:

As per a global research, cognitive impairment is suffered by 19% of the global population. Although mostly it affects older individuals above the age of 65, cognitive impairment is not limited to a specific age group, nor is it caused by a particular disease or condition. 

Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, traumatic brain injuries and developmental disabilities can lead to cognitive impairment. It has been estimated that around 50 million people are suffering from dementia worldwide and 60% of them reside in middle-low income countries. Furthermore, there is no sure shot remedial solution to this. 

Common signs of cognitive impairment

  • Loss of memory
  • Unfamiliarity with known people and places
  • Indecisiveness
  • Mood swings/behavioral changes
  • Problem with vision

Western medicinal practices do not have a definitive answer, so in the absence of a cure, it is better to act on the prevention stage by taking measures for mental wellness.

So, how to prevent cognitive impairment problems like memory loss and dementia as one progresses towards old age? The answer lies in Ayurveda. This remedial practice has been prevalent in the Indus Valley region since ages and has been acclaimed as a science of natural medicines. When the conventional allopathic medicines failed to provide relief, the scientists and doctors found the remedies with Ayurvedic medicine.

One of the leading names in Ayurvedic products is Himalaya Herbals, an organization specializing in world-class herbal medicines. Amongst many of their top remedies is the Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind Wellness tablets which improve cognitive functions such as enhancing concentration, mental calmness, memory consolidation, etc. 

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind Wellness




Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind Wellness is composed of the natural herb ‘Brahmi', which translates to ‘that which improves intelligence. This herb improves cognitive functions by producing brain chemicals that enable thinking, learning and memory.  The product is 100% vegetarian. 

A staple herb in Ayurveda, Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri grows in wet and tropical climate including underwater. This herb has been used by medical practitioners of Ayurveda for improving memory, reducing anxiety and inducing mental well-being. Not so surprisingly, recent researches into this herb reveals that it can not just alleviate stress and anxiety but in fact, it boosts the functioning of your brain even as old age approaches. 

The secret to this magical remedy is a class of compounds called bacosides which prevail in Brahmi herbs. These compounds have Neuro-protective properties that helps in generating brain cells and prevents unnatural brain degeneration due to old age. 


Each Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness tablet consists of 250 mg of Brahmi.

Health Benefits & Properties:

Here are some of the major benefits of Himalaya wellness pure Herbs Brahmi mind wellness are:

  • Potent antioxidants

Antioxidants repair damaged brain cells and neutralize the ‘free radicals'; harmful molecules that cause many chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart ailments, etc. Brahmi can even reverse the brain damage caused by such free radicals and prevent memory impairment. 

  • Reduce inflammation

Chronic inflammation leads to several serious conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart and kidney failure, etc. Brahmi suppresses the release of cytokines; molecules that simulate inflammatory immune response. 

  • Boost brain functions

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind Wellness enhances brain functioning by improving spatial learning and the ability to retain information. Many researches into the area have suggested that Brahmi improves memory, information processing, attention, learning rate and processing visual information significantly when taken regularly. 

  • Helps reduce ADHD symptoms

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes hyperactivity and inattentiveness amongst individuals. Bacopa monnieri has shown to reduce such ADHD symptoms like inattentiveness, lack of self-control, restlessness and impulsivity. 

  • Prevents anxiety and stress

Brahmi has also shown to increase body resistance to stress and anxiety by elevating mood and reducing levels of cortisol; which is known to alleviate stress. 

  • Lowers blood pressure levels

High blood pressure is a common ailment prevalent in many individuals. High blood pressure strains the heart, thereby weakening it. Bacopa monnieri can significantly lower blood pressure levels by keeping it within a healthy range. 

  • Anticancer properties

Initial research has suggested that Brahmi also has anticancer properties. It has shown to supress brain tumour cells and may prevent the growth of breast and colon cancer cells. Although the research has not yet guaranteed full-proof results, but initial findings have indicated some success for this. 

  • Treatment of Insomnia

Sleep is an essential aspect for physical and mental well-being for us. It allows us to rejuvenate and de-stress. However, as most people live a fast paced life and have unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, the sleep-cycle gets disturbed leading to Insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Brahmi helps in countering stress and anxiety, thereby inducing sleep and keeping insomniac conditions at bay. 

  • Reduce blood pressure

Anxiety and stress causes a rise in blood pressure and hypertension. With a rise in blood pressure, we become susceptible to further heart diseases and strokes. 

Brahmi has been found to reduce blood pressure effectively. It is good to fight stress and anxiety and calms the senses. This way a person is less susceptible to hypertension and associated disorders resulting from high blood pressure. It is also known to prevent strokes, concussions and brain haemorrhage in patients who have shown symptoms of the same.  

  • Good for hair growth

Brahmi strengthens hair and nourishes the roots. Brahmi is also a natural constituent of most of the hair oils you find in the market. It ensures good health of the scalp and hair and speedens hair growth. It is therefore, used as a powder in the shampoo of many traditional Indian households. It is also a regular ingredient in Ayurvedic shampoos that you find in the market which promise long hair and reduced hair fall treatments.   

  • Heals wounds

Brahmi contains Bacosides which accelerates healing wounds. Although it is not always applied locally, Brahmi leaves paste has been used in the past to dry out wounds. It works best when taken orally and digested to help the body synthesise the necessary T cells to heal wounds faster than usual. 

  • Analgesic

The consumption of Brahmi reduces fever and gives relief from pain. There has been several mentions of Brahmi as a magic Ayurvedic medicine with known effects on reducing fever and pain fast. This is the reason why it is also an important ingredient of all health tonics and Chyavanprash that are made using Ayurvedic ingredients. It also reduces swelling and helps in reducing reddening of skin at any point of injury.  

  • Anti-Asthmatic

Brahmi is a relaxant, known to cause bronchodilation and helping asthmatic patients to breathe better. 

How can Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness help you?

Regular dosage of Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness can help in:

  • Improving memory and learning functions
  • Prevention of age-related dementia among the elderly
  • Reducing general health disorders like lowered immunity, excessive stress and anxiety, chronic problems like cold and cough, fluctuating heart health. 
  • Keeping the mind calm and clear due to a rejuvenating action
  • Reducing signs of stress, anxiety and hypertension 
  • Better growth in career and social skills
  • Ability to fight habits like drinking, over sleeping, smoking and increased zeal in healthy lifestyle

Dosage of Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind Wellness

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind Wellness can be consumed 1-2 tablets twice daily for cognitive benefits or as directed by the physician. Please do not alter the minimum dosage without consulting a physician. The medicine is potent and has a calming effect on the mind. 

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness FAQs:

1. Are there any side effects of Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness?

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness has no known side effects, although it may cause digestive symptoms, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhoea. You may consult your physician before using it regularly.

2. What is the shelf life of Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness?

The shelf life of Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness is 36 months from the date of manufacture.

3. Are there any precautions to keep in mind before using this product?

It is advisable to consult with the physician before using the product in case of:
  • Pregnancy
  • BreastfeedinG
  • Pacemaker set
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Nerve Disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Hormonal Disorders
  • Other conditions where special medical care is required
There have been no instances of contraindications upon consumption of the product.

4. Is Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness powerful in inducing hair growth?

Yes, the product is a good remedy to provide hair growth in individuals. The nutrient in the product is Brahmi which is also a key ingredient in several hair oils.

5. Does Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness improve memory?

Yes, Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness has been known to be quite beneficial for improving the cognitive function of brain and also enrich one’s memory power. The product can be taken as a powerful memomry and brain supplement.

6. Is Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness safe to consume during pregnancy?

Although the Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness shows no obvious side effects on one’s health, it is smart to consult a physician before consuming the product during pregnancy or post-delivery.

7. Is Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness good against stress or anxiety?

Yes, Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness is a beneficial aid to relieve a person from the harmful effects of stress and anxiety that are prevalent in the world today.

8. Does Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness serve as an analgesic?

Yes, Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness is a potent analgesic. The ingredients in the products like Brahmi, Bacopa, Jalnaveri, Water Hyssop, Indian Pennywort, Jalanimba and Gratiola display anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are helpful in reducing inflammatory changes in the body that can be a cause for pain.

9. How does Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness display anti-asthmatic effect?

The Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness is helpful in providing relief to asthmatic patients. The anti-asthmatic effect of the product is displayed due to the ingredient Brahmi that is a potent bronchodilator i.e., it is helpful in dilating the respiratory passage to facilitate an even exchange of gases.

10. Does Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind wellness help in controlling blood pressure?

Yes, the Ayurvedic supplement has shown promising results in counteracting the increased levels of blood pressure or blood cholesterol in average adults. The product is helpful in cleansing and detoxifying the blood to get rid of toxic impurities.

2 Responses

Dr. Manu Chandra
Dr. Manu Chandra

May 17, 2022

Hi Ch’ng Eng Chee,

You can give both daily twice a day with no issues. Bramhi is a single drug whose main ingredient is Brahmi. Mentat is the combination of multiple drugs for brain and nerve stimulators.

Dr. Manu Chandra
BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery)
Ayurvedic Neuro specialist
Legal Disclaimer: All consumables must be taken after consulting with the primary care physician

Ch'ng Eng Chee
Ch'ng Eng Chee

May 17, 2022

Dear Sir,
Can Himalaya mentat or Himalaya Brahmi consume with 200mg Epilim tablet X 2 tablets twice daily. My son who has cognition impairment, ADHD, learning and speech development problems. However, Himalaya Brahmi ( Bacopa) reaction is more aggressive than Himalaya mentat. What are the differences between Brahmi and Mentat in herbal combination?

Thanks and regards
Ch’ng Eng Chee

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