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December 02, 2020

Patanjali Body Ubtan - Refresh Your Skin and Give it The Gift of Glow:

Whether you are a workaholic or a fitness junky, you simply cannot be a stranger to the health of your skin. Even if you are, the repercussions of improper skincare are something nobody should go through.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body yet it is one that is the most undermined. Whenever we talk about the soundness of mind and body or the fitness of the body, the only things considered are on the lines of weight, diet, exercise, or meditation. There may even not be a single mention of the word skincare under these so-called 'health' tips. But today we give our skin the spotlight it so desperately needs.

The deleterious effects of the current status of world climate are no new news. What is new however is the impact it has on one’s skin. Yes, your daily lifestyle might be the cause behind your dull and pale skin.

When it comes to skincare a majority of us are of the point of view that washing your face at the end of the day is enough. Sadly, this only aggravates the damage to your skin. Several dermatological business troops have released a plethora of products that are aimed at providing the best of the best to your skin. What many don’t realize is that these high-end skincare products often are manufactured with some very strong chemicals. As our skin is a delicate organ especially considering our faces, such strong chemicals will lead to untoward actions on our skin.

So, instead of rushing to the artificially made and chemical-heavy skincare products try reaching for a more natural alternative. What goes hand-in-hand with nature and its products? Ayurveda. It is truly the secret to every health-related problem one might have. This ancient medicine has long been known to provide easy and natural solutions to some of the most complex problems and skincare are one of them.

One can find a suitable fix for their skin problems without bearing artificial chemicals with Ayurveda. Whether it is dullness, aging, or spotting Ayurveda packs the answer to all!

A company that fits Ayurveda like a second skin is Patanjali. Over the years, this herbal giant has spread its products all over the world. Stepping into the realm of skincare, Patanjali brings the all-new Patanjali Body Ubtan.

Patanjali Body Ubtan: The key to all your skin problems!

Patanjali body Ubtan is the ancient recipe for rejuvenating your skin. Patanjali body Ubtan takes from this principle and combines the power of natural herbs and plant extracts to provide a natural glow to your skin. The product specializes in getting rid of oily skin to give you a healthy shine.

Patanjali Body Ubtan


The credit to the excellence of Ubtan goes to its ingredients that include:

Chiraunji or Cuddapah Almond:

A potent agent to enhance the quality of the skin.

Red Lentils:

Red Lentils

These everyday grains provide antioxidants to the skin that helps improve the skin tone and provide a nourishing effect of Vitamin C.

Black Gram:

Black Gram

Commonly known as Urad dal, this Indian pulse is an excellent exfoliator for your skin. It also has a potent action on acne and sunburn. The ingredient is useful in removing tan off your skin and also reduce skin spots.



Barley has a high-grade effect on the skin. It contains a high content of collagen as well as selenium that are vital skincare agents. The collagen provides elasticity and structure to the skin whereas selenium works as an antioxidant that prevents the skin from any damage caused due to free radicals.

Mustard Seeds:

Mustard Seeds

Another natural exfoliator, mustard seeds help in removing excess dirt or dust away from your skin. These are known to keep the skin plump and hydrated. Mustard seeds are also helpful in delaying the effects of aging on the skin and removes bacterial pathogens that may cause infections to the skin.



The Soybean is a potent anti-oxidant that can be utilized to remove any free radical present in the skin epithelial cells. It provides isoflavones that help in reducing the effects of aging on the skin. Soy is something that compliments both skin and the body as the incorporation of soy in the diet helps provide a bright and lively glow to the skin.



Rice water helps lighten skin tone and provide it the essential hydration. It has been known to show promising results against eczema, acne, and skin spots.
Almond: The Almond seeds are packed with Vitamin B complex that provides healthy skin which has a balanced ph. It also contains Vitamin E that prevents the skin from the effects of aging.



Perhaps turmeric is the golden ingredient for any skincare routine. This household spice is useful in achieving glowing skin as it comes with healing properties that rejuvenate your skin. It has also proven its mettle in helping the treatment of psoriasis, acne scarring, scabies, and many such skin conditions.



Camphor is a vital component of lotions and creams. It protects the skin and provides instant relief from any sort of irritation or inflammation that may cause pain. The camphor containing balms are also useful against burn wounds.

    As is clear from the ingredients contained in Patanjali Body Ubton, it is jam-packed with skin caring natural herbs that provide healing and health regeneration to the skin.


    Our current lifestyles leave little to no room for a skincare regime. A product like the Patanjali Body Ubtan comes as a savior under such circumstances as it provides quick healing powers to our skin and is easy to incorporate in our day-to-day lives. 

    patanjali body ubtan benefits

    Not only that, but the product is also coupled with several health benefits which are:

    • Anti-oxidant action: The ingredients of Patanjali Body Ubtan contain anti-oxidizing properties which help in the removal of excess free radicals from the skin cells. An excess of free radicals can prove to be hazardous for the skin because it may lead to damage to the skin cell membrane that predisposes the skin to harmful chemicals.
    • Exfoliating action: Exfoliation is a recommended skincare procedure for people with oily skin. The Patanjali Body Ubtan contain mustard seeds as well as black gram that serve to exfoliate the skin. This helps in cleansing the pores of the skin from unwanted dirt and dust particles that may reside in the pores and cause acne in the future. A healthy routine of exfoliation prevents acne.
    • Nourishment of skin: The array of ingredients packaged in a single pack of Patanjali Ubton provide the essential nutrition to the skin. They help in supplying vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B, C, E, Zinc, and Selenium that are important for the maintenance o of healthy skin. The ingredients in Ubton also ensure balanced hydration for the skin to maintain its pH and temperature. We all should know that the pH of skin plays an important role in protection against several acne-causing bacteria.

    Clinical uses of Patanjali Body Ubton:

    Upon discovering the natural health benefits of Ubtan on the skin of individuals, this Ayurvedic formulation has been used as a remedy for several dermatological conditions and has shown promising results against:

    • Dry and flaky skin: The essential oil extracts delivered from the ingredients of Patanjali Body Ubtan helps in nourishing the skin and provide relief from dry skin. The presence of rice in Ubtan helps moisturize the skin and contributes to optimum hydration.
    • Acne: Perhaps one of the most common skin-related issues among people is acne. Whether it is cystic acne or age-related acne, people are always looking for a solution for one or the other. Patanjali Body Ubtan provides a natural solution for acne with ingredients such as turmeric, mustard, almonds, and barley. Utilizing the natural healing properties of Ubtan is a better approach for handling acne instead of rushing towards artificial drugs.
    • Acne scarring: Another common phenomenon among men and women is acne scarring. The Patanjali Ubtan provides a suitable remedy for that too as the rice and turmeric contents of the product help lighten skin for a more even and wholesome appearance.
    • Black spots: Black spots may be genetic or acquired in individuals. Patanjali body ubtan eliminates pigmentation of the skin and smoothens the skin texture. It helps to remove black spots from the face and rejuvenates the skin from within to get rid of any dullness and dark spots.
    • Bacterial infection: Several bacteria are responsible for causing conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Patanjali Ubtan is a great remedy against such bacterial infections because it works to balance the pH of the skin and make it unsuitable for bacterial growth.
    • Inflammation: Conditions such as inflammation can cause pain to the individuals especially if it flares up. The Patanjali Body Ubtan contains Camphor which is an important ingredient for the treatment of inflammations. It helps subside the pain caused due to inflammation by providing a cooling effect on the irritated skin.
    • Sun damage: The harmful effects of sun and UV rays is a rising concern among many. It is smart to protect your skin from such damage. Body Ubtan is a good weapon against sun damage as it removes tan and excess sun damage from the skin. Thus, giving your skin an all-round radiance.

    Start Your Skincare Journey Today with Patanjali Body Ubtan!:

    When all else fails you can always find the solution in Ayurveda. The Patanjali Body Ubtan is a powerful product to fight the fight against skin related problems and restore the brightness and glow of your skin. The healing and refreshing properties of this Ayurvedic product will give your skin the best and help you recover from the problems of pollution. If you are new to the world of skincare and you struggle with skin conditions this product will be perfect for kick starting your skincare journey.


    Add a sufficient quantity of rose water in 20-30 grams of this Patanjali body ubtan to make a consistent paste. Apply on face and body then massage gently for a few minutes. Rinse off with water.

    Patanjali Body Ubtan FAQs:

    1. I have sunburn and tan, can I use Patanjali Body Ubtan?

    Yes, Patanjali Body Ubtan provides excellent effect against sunburns and tan. It helps lighten the skin tone and remove the tan and also provides a soothing effect to the skin against pain due to sunburns.

    2. I have a chronic acne problem. Is Patanjali Body Ubtan helpful?

    Yes, you can definitely use the Patanjali Body Ubtan to combat the problem of acne. It helps remove excess dirt and dust from the skin and clears the skin cells from any acne-causing pathogens.

    3. Does Patanjali Body Ubtan reduce facial hair?

    Although there is still some uncertainty surrounding the effect of Ubtan on facial hair, it is believed that the Patanjali Body Ubtan weakens the facial hair at its roots and helps in easier removal.

    4. What is the procedure of using Patanjali Body Ubtan?

    The best way to use Patanjali Body Ubtan is by dissolving it in rose water and applying a thin layer evenly on your body and face. Keep the mask for a few minutes and wash Ubton by rinsing with water.

    5. Is Patanjali Body Ubtan useful against aging?

    Yes, Patanjali Body Ubtan contains Vitamin E and Selenium that are powerful in protecting the effects of aging on the skin. Ubton helps in maintaining the structure and elasticity of skin giving it an elegant look.

    6. Is it okay to use Patanjali Body Ubtan on your face daily?

    Yes, you can apply Patanjali Body Ubtan on your face on a day-to-day basis. One thing to remember here is that if you are using ubton daily then avoid using face wash or soap on your face. Ubton does the job of cleaning your face.

    7. What is the quickest way to remove tan and sun damage?

    Patanjali Body Ubtan is an age-old recipe for removing tan from the body. It also helps protect the body from sun damage or damage caused by UV rays. You can use Patanjali Body Ubton to get rid of tan in a single day.

    8. Is Patanjali Body Ubtan beneficial against Psoriasis?

    Yes, Patanjali Body Ubtan is a good agent to give your skin relief from psoriasis and other skin related conditions.

    9. Are there any side effects of using Patanjali Body Ubtan?

    Although there aren’t any grave side effects of using Ubton as it is made of all-natural herbal ingredients, there can be some allergic reactions that are subjective to use. The most reaction is caused by the ingredient turmeric.

    10. Is Patanjali Body Ubtan useful to get rid of dry skin?

    Yes, the product has hydrating and moisturizing properties that help in treating dry or ill-nourished skin.

    2 Responses

    Dr. Manu Chandra
    Dr. Manu Chandra

    July 30, 2021

    Hi Meenakshi,

    No, it doesn’t help you to remove unwanted hair.

    Dr. Manu Chandra
    BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery)
    Ayurvedic Neuro specialist
    Legal Disclaimer: All consumables must be taken after consulting with the primary care physician


    July 30, 2021

    Can it remove unwanted hair

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