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Aachi Foods

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Aachi Foods - India's No. 1 Masala Brand: Avail your Tasty and Healthy Aachi Masala Products at Distacart

You all know that food is the base of life, and the taste is all an extra thing to food. Every living creature needs food to survive, and you can get your essential food masala from Distacart. You can enjoy the utmost happiness of home dining with the special dishes of different Aachi masala. Cooking fresh and healthy at home and dining it with love is the best home treat ever.

You can find a variety of Aachi masala products and powders at Distacart. When you prepare many different dishes with masala at Distacart, you can ensure meal satisfaction for vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers.

Why Aachi masala at Distacart?

Distcart provides you with more masala varieties from the topmost Aachi masala brand. You can find certain varieties of Aachi masala at real stores where you cannot have the best shopping experience with flavoured masala. But with Distacart, you can find varieties of Aachi Masala that are guaranteed quality and quantity. You can select your favourite masala without compromising your taste and flavour.

Varieties of Aachi masala available at Distacart:

Aachi Kulambu Chilli Masala:

Aachi Kulambu Chilly Masala is created from fresh and natural ingredients in exact compositions. This masala is praised for its high aroma, brilliant ability and freshness to add an extra flavour to your food which is recognized for its mouth-watering taste process to ensure accurate quality, composition and purity.

Aachi Kulambu chilli powder is an aromatic spice blend used in fish curry, egg curry, tamarind curry, fenugreek curry, and many other dishes.

Aachi Chicken Masala:

Aachi Chicken Masala Powder combines aromatic and flavourful spices that give a unique flavour to your dishes. It is the multiple magical and extraordinary mix of spices used mostly in cuisine. It is a little spicy and has an earthy flavour added to it. This masala pairs completely with the chicken driving it to satisfying. The cinnamon and peppercorns used in this mix enhance digestive complaints and immune functions. It is counted to any chicken curry, which creates it highly delicious.


Wash 300g of chicken pieces and keep them aside while heating oil to fry chopped onions until golden brown appears. Add the chopped tomatoes and fry until it turns soft. Now add Aachi Chicken Masala and cook till oil separates from the curry. Add 200ml water and salt to taste. Add chicken pieces, cover with a lid and allow it to simmer until the chicken becomes tender. Add coconut paste till the gravy thickens. Now you can have a tasty Aachi Chicken is ready to serve hot with a pleasant smell.


Chilli, Salt, Cloves, Coriander, Cardamom, Turmeric, Pepper, Cumin, Cinnamon, Dry ginger, Menthe, Mustard, Banyan.

Each Egg Curry Masala:

Method of Preparation: Grind two onions, tomatoes, and green chillies to a fine paste. Take the ground paste, add Aachi Egg curry Masala, and cook well until the raw smell goes off from the curry. Cut six boiled eggs, put them in the gravy, and cook for 2 minutes. Now the delicious and spicy Egg curry is ready to serve.

The ingredients used are Coriander, Chili, Cumin powder, Salt, Turmeric, Pepper, Star anise, Clove and Curry leaf. 

Order Aachi masala products from Distacart

You can avail of rich flavoured high-quality aachi masala products from Distacart. You can make your home treats with the most special recipe just by adding a few spoons of fresh aachi masala from Distacart.

Aachi FAQ’s:

1. What exactly is masala?

If you take garam masala, it is a spice mix widely used in cuisine, from curries and lentil dishes to soups. The real spices of cinnamon, mace, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and cardamom pods are toasted in a pan to remove their aromatic flavours, then ground to a powder.

2. Is egg masala good for health?

This egg curry has many health benefits thanks to its primary ingredient – eggs. The egg is rich in protein and has high essential vitamins and minerals: vitamin A, B, D, E, K, phosphorous, calcium, selenium, and zinc.

 3. Is egg good on curry?

Healthy egg curry is a healthy and flavorful recipe that is liked by one and all. When combined with boiled eggs, this spicy curry comprising of tomatoes, onions and a mélange of spices reeks major havoc on your taste buds.

4. What does chicken masala powder contain?

It contains coriander, Red Chilli Powder, Black Pepper, Cumin, Salt, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Turmeric, Garlic, Dry Ginger, Onion, Dry Fenugreek leaves and Mustard.

5. Is egg masala good for weight loss?

Enjoy a low-calorie curry with almost 6 of your five a day. This thick creamy egg-based curry is an excellent meal to try if you want something slightly different.

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