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For Soothing Showers, Buy The Best Body Wash Online On Distacart!

Are you the one who spends a lot of time online searching for the best skin care products and end up buying a product that doesn't suit your skin?

Oh, no worries! Just spend a few minutes walking through this guide to help you understand your skin and let you find the best body care products online.

Mostly, products that go into your body Pampering session are body wash, exfoliator, lotions, and sunscreen. A body wash is a must-have beauty productthat nourishes your skin and leaves a fresh fragrance all day long. Unlike soaps, body washes don't make your skin harsh.

Feel the Bubbles of Beauty's Best Body Wash Online :

Does your skin-care include body wash? Oh no, then how do you even feel the soothing showers? The body wash is the first and foremost self-grooming product that lets you sweep off grime, dirt, and pollution on the body and gives you a refreshing feeling all day long.

When choosing the best body wash one must take their skin type into consideration. Instead of buying what looks voguish or just simply going with the crowd, first know about your skin type and go for it. 

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Types of Body Wash:

  • Shower gels Body wash
  • Oily skin type must go for a body wash that is in gel cleanser form which tends to be drying and less hydrating.

  • Shower creams Body wash
  • These are of creamy texture. Extreme dry, or combination skin types should prefer creamier body wash that retains body moisture after a shower.

  • Body scrubs Body wash
  • Suitable to all skin types these contain granules that deeply cleanse the body, however considering the thickness of granules it is suggested not to use these scrubs on the face, it may increase the pore size, in such case go for face cleansers.

  • Foam based Body wash
  • Good for every skin type and gives more lather, leaves the body refreshed after you step out of your shower

    Benefits of Body Wash:

    • Body wash hydrates skin 
    • Body wash is portable and can carry anywhere at ease
    • Some gels help exfoliate the body
    • Body wash is more hygienic than soaps
    • Keep you refreshed all day long

    Directions to Use Body Wash:

    1. Make your body wet
    2. Use exfoliators if any and Rinse off
    3. Apply the body wash on a loofah for better lather and start rubbing off gently on the skin
    4. Wash up
    5. Rinse & Dry

    Healthy Skincare Habits:

    • Apply body Lotion after body wash followed by sunscreen
    • Wash your hair first, next move to body wash

    Body Wash FAQ’s:

    1. Can we use body wash to face?

    Ingredients used in body wash and face wash are different hence it's advisable to go for face cleansers separately.

    2. Is it good to use Body Wash every day?

    Yes, it is absolutely fine. You can use body wash every day but body scrubs may be used every two days as exfoliating skin daily may damage the skin.

    3. What are the best sellers of body wash?

    Dove Body Wash, Olay Body Wash, Beardo Ultra, The wellness shop, and Siddhagiri's Satvyk are the best sellers of body wash products.

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