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Cardamom is one of the widely used spices in the world today, not just in cooking, but also in pastries and cocktails. There are three different types of cardamom such as black, green, and organic variations are quite different because of the lack of harmful toxins and additives. It is only used in cooking for its aroma but also has lots of health benefits. Quality Cardamoms are available o Distacart. You can buy these beneficial cardamoms online.

Green Cardamom:

Green cardamom is one of the finest types of cardamom and it has come from the species elettaria cardamomum. It is cultivated before it reaches the maturity period. The green cardamom is originated from south India and Sri Lanka. Both the seeds and pod are used for flavoring and it has a strong and intense aroma. Green cardamoms are also helpful in treating sleep disturbances. There are two types of green cardamoms as large size Mysore green cardamom with intense green color and triangular fruits giving softwood hints of pine and eucalyptus and Malabar cardamom that have a softer aroma.

Black Cardamom:

Black cardamoms have come from the species Amomum subulatum. Only the seed of the black cardamoms are used and the taste of black cardamoms has freshness as mint and it is used to add flavors for drinks and foods. Its flavor does not vary from one variety to another. Black cardamoms are widely used as home remedies in Indian and Chinese medicine. It is also used in the treatment of constipation and dysentery.

White Cardamom: 

White cardamoms have come from the bleaching of the green pod and it is called Siam cardamom. Siam White cardamoms taste much similar to green cardamom. The white cardamom is mostly used in Indian and Indonesian cuisine, whereas Siam is primarily used in Cambodia and Thailand. These varieties of cardamoms are used to add flavors to soft drinks and desserts.

Cardamom Seed:

If the pod or cardamom fruit is removed, the pure seeds will remain. These types of cardamoms are called Cardamom decor. The seeds are crushed or milled before use, resulting in an abundance of cardamom flavor at a more affordable price. Replace 12 seeds for each whole pod in recipes.

Ground Cardamom:

Ground cardamoms are useful for baking and other cooking where the spice must be grounded. Freshness and so flavor is naturally compromised when the cardamom is ground as it loses flavor shortly after grinding. To get its true flavor, grind it before starting to use it.

Uses of Cardamoms:

  • Cardamom is an excellent digestive and carminative enhancer. The primary symptom indicating the use of cardamom is a burning feeling in the stomach.
  • Cardamoms have an anti-emetic agent and this can help relieve vomiting and nausea. You can keep it while traveling and use it when you have a vomiting sensation.
  • Cardamom fruit and seed extract is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that helps against causing periodontal infections.
  • Cardamom is a powerful detoxifying agent for the body. It reduces toxins in the bloodstream and enhances the removal of these toxins by causing a slight dieresis.
  • Cardamom has anti-tussive and mucolytic agents that help reduce cough and cold from the body.
  • Chewing cardamom will help to reduce anxiety, irritability, and impatience.

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Cardamom FAQ’s:

1. What is so special about cardamom?

Cardamom is a special spice with an intense and sweet flavour and adds an addictive aroma to the foods.

2.How many types of cardamom are there?

There are mainly three types of cardamoms such as green, black and white cardamoms.

3. Which part of cardamom is used?

Mostly the seed arts are widely used m but some will use pods of green cardamom.

4.What type of plant is cardamom?

Cardamoms are herbaceous perennial plants of the ginger family.

5.What are the health benefits of Cardamom?

It has a lot of health benefits such as enhancing the digestive system, containing antioxidants, cancer-fighting agents, etc.

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