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What is Coriander Powder?

Coriander Powder orcoriander seed powder is one of the key ingredients used inIndian cuisine. As coriander powder is used in most Indian households, it is readily available online. However, different manufacturers have identified that changes in the manufacturing process and seed cultivation process make a considerable difference in the products. Therefore, users for whom the taste and quality of the food matter must find suitable coriander powder to prepare tasty and enriched food. 

How to Use Coriander Powder:

The coriander powder offered by Distacart has three distinct categories of products such as organic coriander powder, ayurvedic coriander powder, and traditional coriander powder. The benefits of coriander powder and ayurvedic coriander powders are new and offer the best quality products. 

Organic Coriander Powder:Organic coriander powders are produced using carefully chosen coriander seeds. The collected seeds are processed in a machine and pulverized under a measured pressure and temperature to keep the natural texture and smell of the seed. The coriander dust thus produced is packed systematically using mechanical technology to make it available. However, the overall mechanical process offers a certain shelf period for the product. Therefore, consumers should see the manufacturing and expiry dates mentioned on the backside of the package while purchasing the product. 
Ayurvedic Coriander Powder: Theayurvedic dhania powder offered by Distacart is made of genuine products. The products are processed with utmost care and love. It brings goodness not only in the smell but also in the foods prepared using coriander powder. The users must check the product details and other information mentioned on the backside of the package before purchasing it since the packaging will offer better information about the authenticity and usability of the coriander powder. It will help users to get the utmost benefit from the product purchased.

Coriander Powder FAQ’s:

1. How to know the shelf life of the coriander powder purchased online?

You should check the backside of the packaging to know the details about the shelf life of coriander powder purchased online.

2. Is it compulsory to use coriander powder in cooking?

It is not compulsory to use coriander powder in cooking. However, adding it enhances the taste. It also depends on the recipe and the personal taste of the individual.

3. What is the best way to use coriander powder?

The best way to use coriander powder is to add it to the food while it is being cooked. It's important to add the coriander powder in the initial stages of cooking so that the spice is well cooked and soaked in the vegetables. Using coriander powder in combination with some other spices is also a good way of using it.

4. What quantity of coriander powder should be put in the food?

The quantity must depend on the recipe, the quantity of vegetables being cooked, and the individual's personal taste requirements. However, it's best to mix it in moderation with other spices to get the best flavour.

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