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Get a Beautiful Collection of Crystal Diyas from Distacart:

All religious occasions, festivals are starts with the lightening of Diyas. There are different types of Diyas available in today’s modern world. People want to instill innovations in traditional items also. Crystal Diyas are widely used by all people all over India in temples and well as in homes. There are different types of crystal Diyas are available in Distacart. Avail of these Crystal Diyas and make your pooja more ethnic and modernistic.

Akhand Crystal Diya:

Akhand crystal Diyas is lit up with the use of a cotton wick. This creates a unique and vintage appearance to your house. Placing this Akhand crystal Diya will give a stylish appearance to your pooja room. You can use this to gift anyone at weddings and any other festivals.

Decorative Crystal Diya:

It is made of high-quality material. It brings a piece of decoration to your home and gets a divine and spiritual sensation in your home. Add elegance to your pooja with these decorative crystal Diyas which carries enough space to contain oil.

Kamal Jyoti Crystal Diya:

Kamal Jyoti crystal diya gives a tranquil ambience in your pooja room. Even after long hours of continuous burning, it does not get warm because of high-quality crystal glass and it is safe for use. The structure of the glass makes it durable and crack proof.

Subhaarambh Crystal Diya:

Subhaarambh crystal Diya is designed with the insertion of whish and oil filling. The flame of this Diya will not go out and poses no danger. This elegant Diya is used to lighten with a cotton ball. It is commonly used Diyas in the temple and home.

Lotus design crystal Diya:

The crystal used in Lotus design crystal  Diya candleholder is enough to be worn; it is manufactured with a superior material that brings the element of spiritual feeling to your home.

Brizz crystal Akhand Diya:

Brizz crystal Diya is a good showcase item. It is a beautiful item for lighting and decorating during the holidays and to brighten up your home.

Collectible Crystal Akhand Diya:

It does not become hot even if you burn it for a long time. The high-quality crystal and glass enhances clarity and gives brightness than normal ones. The flame does not go off even when you light it up under the fan.

Tips to clean Diyas:

Lightening Diyas is India’s traditional custom. The illumination of oil-filled Diyas represents goodness and power. Diyas are regularly used among the people for pooja and festivals. If you are someone who uses Diyas often, you know how difficult it is to thoroughly clean. But this cleaning method will help you to clean your Diyas perfectly and will bring brightness to your Diya and make you smile.

With pooja and frequent festivals, your Diyas become greasy and lose their shine. First, remove the heave grease as possible. Once you cleaned the grease, go to clean the remaining black stain. Add water to the inside of your Diya. Then delicately rub the surface to remove the stains and use a cloth to clean the surface. Make a gentle cleansing solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and adding little drop of vinegar to the water

Then add the solution into a small bottle or bowl. Spray the solution onto the interior and exterior surfaces of your Diyas. Wait for ten minutes and clean carefully with a scrubber. Lastly, wash your Diyas in cold water. If there is any decorative artwork or crystals on your Diyas, clean them gently.

Shop Crystal Diyas Online From Distacart:

Thanks to online shopping. Avail of these beautiful crystal Diyas that gives a unique and modern look to your home, office etc. from Distacart at a reasonable price. You can gift these elegant crystal Diyas at weddings, festivals and religious occasions.

Crystal Diya’s FAQ’s:

1.Why do we light Diyas in front of Gods?

The light stands for knowledge, obscurity and ignorance and god is the ‘knowledge principle’

2.How many Diyas Should I light?

Use a minimum of 2 -3 Diyas for lightening up.

3.Why are Diyas soaked in water?

As a part of purification, one should make his soul purer as all the pooja items.

4.What is the common of Diya used among people?

Clay Diyas are commonly used among the people for festivals for decorations and Brass Diya for Pooja.

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