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Digvijaya Herbals

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Digvijaya Herbals: Buy Natural and  Herbal products Online

Digvijaya Herbals is an Indian Company founded by a doctor, Disha Dinakar, who has a team of doctors running the company. The products of Digvijaya herbals have the brand name Duh. Digvijaya Herbals uses natural oil and cold-pressed oils to produce an array of products forskincare,Haircare, Baby care, Health and wellness, Men’s care andHerbal powders.Haircare products include hair color, shampoos, masks, serums and oils.Skincare products include masks, gels, serums, toners, body soaps, body oils, toners, lotions, lip care, hand sanitizers, foot care, facial cleaning and hair removal kits. 

Digvijaya Herbals, launched in 2019, now has outlets in Singapore and Sri Lanka and will soon be opening outlets in the Middle East as well. The company is a B2C industry and is run by women, i.e., all employees are women. Even today, the company has ensured all its 140 products are organic in nature and made from the highest quality material. All the products and their attractive packaging are handcrafted and there is that personal touch in every product that Digvijaya Herbals makes.   

Some of the best-selling products of Disha Herbals include the Duh Metabolic Enhancer kit, the Duh no hair Wax Powder,Duh Overnight Repair Gel and the Duh hair Growth kit. 

The healthy foods from Digvijaya Herbals include the Oye healthy Slim Shake Meal Replacement Weight Management Formula, Choco Peanut Butter, Super Junior Baby Food Mixes in Raw sprouted Ragi, Banana, Rice and sprouted ragi with Moong dal flavours. There are other healthy food products such as Raw Honey and the Whey Protein Blend Cream and Cookies. The Whey protein used in the cream is imported from the United States.

The Digvijaya Herbals range ofHerbal Powders includes Duh fenugreek Powder, Duh Licorice (Mulethi) powder,Duh Aritha Soapnut Powder, Duh Raktachandan Powder,Duh Curry Leaf Powder, Duh Tulsi powder, Duh Aloe Vera Powder, Duh Brahmi Powder, Duh Antifungal Powder, Duh Activated Charcoal Powder,Duh Hibiscus Powder, Duh Orange-Peel powder,Duh Shikakai Powder, Duh Kasturi Turmeric Powder, Duh Multani Mitti Powder, Duh Neem Powder and Duh Rose petal Powder.      

The Digvijaya Herbals range of Baby care products includes the Super Junior Baby Food Mix, Duh Royal Tot Luxury Baby Massage oil and the Duh Exotica Baby Shower Bar.    

The team at Digvijaya Herbals has maintained the chief marketing strategy of its products by word of mouth. There is very good feedback of its beauty Elegant Saffron Beauty Elixir cream with mentioned ingredients such as cocos Nucifera and Kokum butter. This product has been known to improve complexion and reduce skin tan. It not only hydrates and softens the skin, but it can also be used as a base for makeup.

Another popular Digvijaya Herbals product is the Duh lush conditioner, a sulphate, phthalate and paraben freeHair care product made from Australian formulation for damaged hair that has been tried and found to fix hair roots.

The women at Digvijaya Herbals have made their mark with quality products.