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Makeup is a flamboyant thing yet that spikes up the beauty and becomes an addon, but the crucial part lies in the eyes, as the shiny sparkle eyes could speak a lot about the costume and the intense look. Eye makeup definitely goes after foundation and needs absolutely special attention to get the eye job done. What do you say? What are all the essentials you require?

Distinct Eye Makeup Styles:

Explore the best combinations of Eyeshadow Palette colors to pop up your eyes according to the occasion.

Classic golden glitters: Touch of classic vibe on Festivals

Choose a neutral shade as a base and come upon a golden matte on the top crease, apply peach shade or light pink glittering shade for a lower lash line for a classic appearance.

Smudge look:Highlight your Party Look

Commence with a light base based on your skin tone and apply dark and deepest shade from lash line to brow for a smudged eye

Simple yet Intense look: Easy breezy go to look.

 It is quite easy for beginners to apply a light shade covering the eyelid and a light pigment on the corners of the eye.

Nude Feel looks:Be ready for a brunch date. 

Go for a nude shades palette, with a gold shade as a base, apply nude shades contouring both the crease and the lash line alongside the brow. 

Glamor matte look:Get ready for a date night

Go for a dark purple as a base,  pink or peach matte shade on the top of it start from crease to brow, add pale yellow shade to the inner corners of the eye for that glam look.

A Quick Read of Eye Makeup Process:

Commence the art of natural eye makeup with your favorite eyeshadow palette, handle an eyeshadow brush, and swipe a layer of base shade on your eyelid. Look after your mood or else go for your costume and start applying another layer of eyeshadow concentrating on the corners. Use highlighting shadow color at the crease of your eyes and end up with your favorite signature Strokes with eyeliner, lift up the lashes with Mascara and that's how the job is done!

Choose Easy Step by Step Process of Eye Makeup Application:

  1. Start with an eye primer
  2. Go with a basic shade first
  3. Use the right brush that tints the eyelid evenly with the basic base
  4. Concentrate on counterparts with shimmer or matte shadows
  5. Give bottom lash line with a shade that pops up
  6. Your signature eyeliner stroke
  7. Lift up eyelashes with an eyelash curler and apply mascara
  8. Give a Touchup

Shape your Eyes with Eye Makeup Looks:

No matter what, the eyes must cheer up the mood and be noticeable, take a glance at your eye type

Quirky Almond Eyes:

For those quirky almond eyes, to bring a shape go with a matte shade from the lid into the crease, and an upward paint towards the brow bone and use a dark matter shade on the corner and mix both the lines with a suitable round eyeshadow brush.

Fullest shaped Rounded Eyes:

For those fullest rounded eyes, to bring a shape fill the top lash line with a base and the outer corners, keeping the bottom lash line more minimal.

For those comely hooded eyes, to bring a shape, create a new crease line above the natural crease line, base shade the new crease and with deeper shade, create a shape with a new shade covering both the crease and start applying your favorite go to shades. It works for monolid eyes too.

Doll up your Downturned Eyes:

For downturned dolly eyes, to bring a shape, commence with a neutral eye shadow from lash line to brow giving a lift up, then continue with a medium base from lash to crease and top of its blend with deeper eye shadow shade to the outer corner and pull it up just giving it a winged shape.

Uplift your Upturned Eyes:

For upturned uber eyes, to bring a shape, start with a neutral shade on the lid and natural crease, and then choose a darker shade and blend it up evenly, now go for the top finishing depending on your preference.

Extravagant Eye Makeup Needs a Few More Beauty Products Alongside:

Eyeliner: Give a stroke and a shape to your eyes with an eyeliner

Eyeshadow:Add that sparkle and glittering dimension to your eyes with eyeshadow

Kajal:Excellent finishing with a dark outliner and locking up the water-line

Mascara:Lift the eyelashes up with mascara for that aesthetic look


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