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Explore How You Can Enhance Your Natural Beauty to a Whole New Level With Face Makeup:

Getting a full face of makeup right takes time and practice. Just like any other art, face makeup takes a lot of trial and error to get the right tone, shade, precision, and style right according to your skin. There is no dearth of face makeup products available in the market, and it can become quite confusing when picking up the best face makeup products for a full face.

It is already quite hard to pick a shade of foundation/mousse/bb or cc cream that suits you the most at retail stores. To buy face makeup products online, it becomes even more of a challenging task to choose the correct shade of foundation according to your skin tone or the right lipstick shade that compliments your face online. Brands these days have come up with shade charts and scales to help you with this problem of choosing the right product according to your skin tone. 

So, with that problem being solved now, you can order from international brands as well that cater to holistic and environment-friendly skincare products. Let’s look at some of the top face makeup products online available on Distacart.

Top Face Makeup Products Available On Distacart:

BB Creams:

If you want to try out a no-makeup makeup look or if you are just starting out with makeup and do not have experience with using mousse or foundation, it is great for you to try BB creams. BB creams are makeup products that also have skincare benefits making them the perfect combination product that appeals to people of all ages. In general, these creams are best suited for teenagers and children who are very young as proper makeup can have adverse effects on their soft baby skin. BB and CC creams are very versatile and provide great coverage and benefits for everyone.

CC Creams:

You can look at CC creams like tinted moisturizers that allow you to even out your skin tone without having to use full-face makeup. You also get great coverage using CC creams and they are quite light on your skin as well. CC creams provide sun protection and moisturizing features as well. So, for people that want to get the best sun protection but feel like sunscreen is too heavy on their skin, they can surely go for CC creams, this is especially useful for people that are out during the day as it has great benefits that will help you better than a sunscreen or foundation.


As the name says, it is what is responsible for the foundation of the whole look. Without base makeup which the foundation creates, you cannot get a clean slate for your liner, blush, eyeshadow, contour, and highlighter. Now many people, especially younger ones, go for a foundation replacement like BB or CC creams for less coverage, as directly getting into full coverage makeup can be quite daunting. Although it’s not necessary to go for replacement as low and medium coverage foundations are also available in various brands. So, you can choose any type of coverage that you want in foundations too. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to go for low to medium coverage and, if needed, apply more than one coat to build it up and make a heavier coverage.


Do you know what is worse than brush strokes and sketchy foundation? An uneven cracking base makeup. Brushstrokes and lines on your base makeup can form due to the non-skin-friendly texture of your foundation. However, cracks and uneven surfaces on your decked-up skin form due to not moisturizing well enough and lack of a good primer. The importance of primer is realized when your face still looks dull and dry after wearing a full face of makeup. So to avoid looking in the mirror to see craters, cracks, and uneven surfaces on your skin, be sure to apply a primer for a smooth and even-toned makeup look. 


The point of concealer was to conceal, as the name suggested, but with time, it is being used for many other purposes other than covering dark spots and pimple scars. However, the old usage remains, and primarily the job of a concealer is to hide the dark spots under your eyes and other places which the foundation couldn’t fully and brighten it up. No base makeup is completed without concealer, and it is used a lot over the eyelids to create a clean base for the eyeshadows. 

Eyeshadow, Lip Tint, Setting Spray, Highlighter & More:

Now that all the base makeup is done, it is time for the exciting part. Eye makeup is easily the most significant part of the whole look. It constitutes more than three products in the least, including concealer, eyeshadow/eyeshadows, liner, kohl, mascara, and sometimes false lashes too. For the cheeks, you can either stick to the traditional powder blush or use a lip tint for a more natural look. Contour is not really optional these days; you can use it for more defined jaws and cheekbones if you are more on the chubby side. Lastly, top it off with a highlighter and an apt lip shade for the look, and finish it off with setting spray to seal the whole look. These products can be found on Distacart in various brands that you can order and get started with your makeup routine.

Face Makeup FAQ’s:

1. What is the best face makeup for oily skin?

Face makeup for oily skin requires you to cleanse your skin regularly off the excess oils and use a light moisturizer along with your makeup to keep your skin from looking too oily.

2. What is the best face makeup for older skin?

Face makeup for older skin requires you to use anti-aging products and skincare products to ensure your skin ports are clear and unclogged.

3. What is the best face makeup for sensitive skin?

Face makeup for sensitive skin requires you to check the ingredients of every product you use or consult a dermatologist before using any new products to ensure the product is safe to use on your skin. Other than that, you can also use manufacturer disclaimers about safety on sensitive skin before using the product on your face.

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