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Gajra: Traditional Indian Hair Accessory:

Lately, the 'Gajra,' an Indian hair adornment, has reinvented itself. Throughout history, Gajras have played an essential role in the Indian woman's daily beauty regimen and the bridal trousseau of an Indian bride.

Types Of Gajras:

Gajras are floral garlands used by women in India for special events, weddings, and everyday wear. Gajras are usually made from jasmine flowers, while Rose, Cassandra, and Barleria are common elements.

Jasmine blossoms have an incomparable scent and ethereal appearance that no other flower can match. For its understated beauty and timeless allure, a modest hair ornament like the Gajra remains popular and much sought after even in today's contemporary world.

As an essential element of 'Solah Shringar,' Gajras were worn for religious and festive celebrations for centuries. Traditionally, people chose jasmine blossoms because they were auspicious and had a long-lasting flowery scent. Gajra has undergone several changes since its inception. Still, jasmine blossoms remain popular because they can be readily strung onto the tight thread and are known for their exquisite scent and aroma, which the hair may absorb.

Buy Bridal Gajra For Hair Today:

Gajra is generally worn on the wedding day or by Indian classical dancers during performances. Most women in South India wear Gajras for religious and festive occasions. Indian brides place great importance on Gajras, believing them to be auspicious symbols of their union. Jasmine buds, chameli, and mogra flowers are commonly used these days to prepare Gajras. Tiny rosebuds are sometimes attached to the stem alongside the Jasmine Gajra to make it look more stunning. White or colorful thread knot each jasmine bloom into a single bundle.

Buy Gajra Online:

As time has passed, several changes have been made to the Gajra. Gajras were initially white and had a very plain appearance. Yellow and orange Gajras, on the other hand, have become more fashionable among Indian women of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Infusing the fundamental jasmine strands in the form of roses, mogra, chameli, and tiny white beads makes them look more colorful. The wearing of gajras on a bride's wrist is considered fortunate in several cultures. You can even buy fresh Gajra online easily.

A saree or lehenga enhanced with Gajras exudes authentic Indian style and grace. Indian traditional attire is complete without these accessories, which enhance the wearer's charm and overall flair. When it comes to weddings, festivals, and religious events, the Gajra is always the right choice. They, on the other hand, significantly raise one's attractiveness quotient. 

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