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Buy Organic Grains Online

We strive to make your gourmet adventures as interesting as possible at Distacart. That's why our selection of organic grains and pulses goes above and beyond what you'd find at your typical grocery store.

Some of the superfoods on our website are Green Gram, Soyabean, Moth Bean, Whole Black Gram, Whole Pigeon Pea, Kidney Bean, Bengal Gram Horse Gram, Black-Eyed Bean, White Beans, Bhatt, and Chickpeas. From millets to black rice to dalia, we have a range of organic grains and cereals just for you.

Nutritional Value of Grains and Pulses

Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, starch, and oligosaccharides, among other nutrients. Whole grains are also a low-fat source of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals like magnesium and vitamin E. Pulses include a lot of fiber (far more than whole grains), starch-resistant carbohydrates, and oligosaccharides. They include more protein, and because some amino acids differ across whole grains and pulses, they complement one another when eaten. Another study found that pairing refined grains with legumes, such as white rice and red beans or hummus and bread, can reduce the glycemic impact of consuming refined grains.

Advantages of Eating Pulses and Grains:

Here are a few advantages of incorporating grains and pulses into your diet.

  • Antioxidant Content - Since organic staples do not include any chemicals, the benefits of antioxidants found in the food are maximized, enhancing general body health and assisting in keeping you fit and healthy.
  • Antibiotic Resistance - Organic foods, unlike non-organic foods, are not treated with growth hormones or antibiotics, therefore their consumption has no negative impact on the human immune system and helps to improve the body's resistance to numerous infections without the need for antibiotics.
  • Improved Heart Health - Organic foods are high in CLA, a fatty acid that aids in the improvement of heart health. This protects the heart from heart-related disorders such as strokes and heart attacks. CLA is found in higher concentrations in cattle grown on green and open pastures.
  • Pesticides-free - since inorganic foods are cultivated with chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which build up in the body and cause a variety of ailments that weaken our immune system. As organic food does not contain harmful pesticides, it is excellent for the body.
  • Strengthens the immune system - The major cause of the immune system's weakness is the use of production boosters in conventional farming. These insecticides are not used in the production of organic rice and grains. As a result, they aid in the body's immune system's strengthening and overall wellness.
  • Eco-friendly - They do not use pesticides or other chemical compounds in the production of organic food, ensuring that they do not harm water bodies or soil. As a result, the environment will remain clean and healthy.


Grains FAQ’s:

1. Which grain is best for diabetics?

Millets are preferred by diabetics over rice and wheat because of their low glycemic index and high fiber content, which helps keep blood sugar levels in line. Millets have a fair quantity of protein, with pearl millet (bajra) having the greatest concentration.

2. How can I include grains in my diet?

You may incorporate whole grains into your diet in a variety of ways. If you like oats or other comparable grains, for example, you can always make a nice cup of porridge out of them.

3.How do grains taste?

Flours created from sprouted wheat or millets have a nuttier flavor, enhancing the earthiness of the Ragi or the smoothness of the wheat, making your meals more flavorful. Sprout flour-based baked items have a lighter texture. Sprouting organic suji, finger millet flour, and sprouted dalia are all great options.

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