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Kanti Sweets started humbly in 1957 with Pandhita Jyoti Swarup Sharma launching "Kanti Sweet Meat Stall" at the Kempegowda Circle in Bangalore. It was a small 6ft x 6ft counter still standing there. He built the store and named it after his brother Shri. Khantiswarup Sharma. 

Kanti Sweets Origin:

Pandhita Jyoti Swarup Sharma’s son, Shri. Rajendra Prasad after his father’s death in 1973 took over the reins. Shri. Rajendra Prasad, the second-generation owner of the store, decided to convert it into a family business servingIndian sweets,Indian snacks,dry fruit sweets,South Indian sweets, and South Indian snacks. Since 2005, the business has been managed in a family spirit. Since 1957, it has grown steadily from a small shop in the KG Circle in Gandhinagar. Currently, the total number of Kanti Sweets-owned outlets in the city is 80. 

The Kanti Sweets’ USP is that they are available at an affordable price that maintains the authentic taste of a variety of traditional sweets, including goods from West Bengal, with sincere service and standard quality. Qualified and skilled chefs have been appointed from the states of Rajasthan, Delhi and Karnataka to supervise the creation of different types of sweets. Ingredients are procured with great care to maintain the consistent quality of the raw materials that play an important role in the taste of the offerings. 

Kanti Sweets Product Catalogue:

Kanti Sweets is one of the few shops in the city that sells special sweets specializing in popular festivals and events such as Raksha Bandhan, Sankranti, Holi, Dashera, and Diwali, making it a go-to sweet shop in any area. Kanti Sweets also abolished manual labour in many fields and mechanized important elements of the process, enabling control in taste and quality. Over the years, customer profiles and their tastes have undergone dramatic changes. Kanti Sweets introduces low-sugar variants of traditional sweets, including dry fruit sweets, Motichur Laddus, Zero Sugar Burfi, Kaju Katli, and Jalebi. 

Kanti Sweets Food Grade Safety:

Kanti Sweets is one of the few confectionery makers certified by ISO 9001 2015 and ISO 22000: 2018. All of their outlets are grateful for the quality evaluation and have received ISO 22000: 2018 (FSMS) and quality certification, London certification. For product innovation and diverse R & D activities, Kanti Sweets is assisted by CFTRI (Central Food Technological Research Institute) Mysore. In addition, an in-house GLP-certified laboratory was set up to perform chemical and microbial testing, raw material, confectionery, flavor, and confectionery analysis under the direction of Ex-CFTRI scientists. This facilitates the analysis of confectionery types to maintain quality. Kanti Sweets is also conducting research and development to introduce healthy food in their laboratory. They stock about 350 kinds of fresh sweet almonds and can respond to the various tastes of various customers. In addition, Kanti Sweets also offers bakery products and almond milk. 

In order to maintain quality and service, their motto is to always accept the opinions of their customers who have contributed to the development and improvement of their organization.

Kanti Sweets FAQs:

1. Are the sweets from Kanti Sweet extremely sweet?

Though I might assume looking at the products that Kanti Sweets might have extremely sweet items, their products are well-balanced.

2. Is the quality of goods good?

Kanti Sweets doesn’t compromise on the quality of raw materials, leading to consistent product output. So, one can rest assured that Kanti Sweets is top quality.

3. Which product would you recommend to try from this store?

Their Zero Sugar Barfi and dry fruit sweets are quite popular amongst the masses. They sell as fast as they come.

4. Ordering online, is the freshness compromised?

Kanti Sweets doesn’t pre-make their products. This helps in delivering products to your doorstep as fresh as possible.

5. Will the sweets get damaged till they reach me?

Kanti Sweets ensures that you can enjoy the worth every dime when you order from them. Each package is carefully packed making transportation safe.

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