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Are you the one who finds it extremely difficult to feed your children with food and you find that is not at all allowing your kids to get enough nutrition and vitamins as they are not interested in eating the regular food diet usually a kid has been fed with? We have got you covered with a variety of kid snack recipes, wondering how snacks would do the job? A healthy snack a day is a power-packed munch for babies or kids to feel full and energetic. Snacks are like a refreshment for the tired kids who play and walk all day without rest. Make sure that snacks must be accompanied by a main meal, but not completely replaced by a meal. Children like to enjoy the taste of the food they are being served, hence we can make use of this habit the most, get them indulged in the healthiest and most delicious Indian snack recipes. Looking for the perfect kid's snacks from India, you are in the right place, go through the list of quick healthy snacks below:


Pancakes are kids favorite snack recipes, however, it is the best way to serve your kid as it has rich nutrients, are enriched with millets, oats, and jowar, completely vegan and eggless. Choco, vanilla, and other yummy flavors of Pancakes are available online, explore our website now.


Who doesn't enjoy crunchy and fresh waffles, surely your kids are going to have fun while eating waffles, buy waffles online with different flavors, is not only rich in taste but also provide enough protein and fiber to your kids. Waffles are super easy to cook with the help of instant waffle and pancake mix online at Distacart.


Jellies are playful snacks with different colors and flavors, they are made of vegetables and fruit extracts such as Carrots, Oranges, Spinach, and Avocados. Best way to engage your kids in healthy food relationships.

Kids Biscuits:

Kids biscuits are made of natural herbs and real fruits to provide nutritional value to them, also they are made in animal shapes so that the kids are just loving what they are eating, would you ask for more? Get the funny shape animal-shaped biscuits online from Distacart.


Bars aren't out of the list, especially Immunity bars, they aid good digestion, and provide nutrients, energy, and immunity. They are made with delightful ingredients such as chocolates, coconut flakes, and dry fruits and are completely gluten-free.

Chocolate Spreads:

Chocolate spreads are a unique way to attain taste to the food, the deliciousness comes with omega 3, proteins, and vitamins. All these could help with the development of children's brains and bodies.

Finger Foods:

Finger foods are another good alternative snack to fill your kid's tiny tummy. Finger foods are vegan and non-fried. Finely made with natural fruits, veggies, and whole grains. The texture is soft and smooth hence kids find it easy to consume, choose your favorite flavor of finger foods online at Distacart.

Some healthy Snack Ideas for Kids:

  • Eggs have high protein, add a boiled egg to your kid's diet.
  • Try easy breezy snack recipes with instant mix recipes once in a while Feed them with dry fruits and nuts, as they provide sufficient amounts of nutrients and vitamins to the body, and they are perfect as dry snacks for school.
  • Breakfast cereals for kids online would be the best way to include into their diet, they serve the baby good amounts of everything that is essential for their growth and development.

Healthy snacks are the best option to let your kids enjoy themselves and feel active all day long. Get various Indian snacks online from USA, UK, Canada, or from other European countries at Distacart with express delivery service.

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