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Buy The Best Quality Organic Millets and Mix Online from Distacart:

Multigrain foods provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibre, etc. It promotes healthy digestion and enhances metabolism. A high fibre diet will help you stay energetic, happy and encourage an active lifestyle. Multi grains are now available in the form of daily life food mixes and flakes. Magicbeans provides various types of Multigrain mixes that can be eaten with our ordinary foods like Dosa, Pongal, and Chapathi etc. They are providing organic multigrain items that help to maintain your body healthy and fit.

Magicbeans Multigrain Health Mix:

Magicbeans multigrain health mix a nutritious and nourishing mixture compound of organic multigrain such as millets, cereals, pulses, whole grains, nuts, etc. All these ingredients can bring an extremely good nutritional balance that is good for maintaining a healthy immune system and act as a substance of growth and development of the body for all age groups.

Magicbeans Multi Millet Chapathi Flour:

Magicbeans multigrain Chapathi flour provides a combination of nutrients in your diet and reaches weight loss also. Multigrain Chapathi flour is lower in carbohydrates and contains a lower glycemic index than regular wheat flour that helps to keep blood sugar levels in control. It is more beneficial for people with diabetes.

Magicbeans Great Millet Flakes:

Magicbeans great millet flakes are gluten-free and high fibre. It is a good source of protein that is packed with essential minerals. It promotes bone health, weight loss and a healthy digestive system. It is good for diabetic patients.

Magicbeans Finger Millet Flakes:

Magicbeans Finger millet flakes are a great way to include ragi in a multitude of diet options. It is rich in iron and protein; you can make many delicious foods like Ragi upma, etc.

Magicbeans Pearl Millet:

Magicbeans pearl millets are rich in iron and zinc. It contains a large number of antioxidants and these nutrients together can be beneficial to overall and health development and wellbeing.

Magicbeans Multi Millet Upma Mix:

Magicbeans multi millet Upma mix is an excellent substitute for rice and other grains that can increase the blood sugar level. It stimulates digestive health and weight loss. It prevents cardiac arrest and helps to maintain a healthy heart.

Magicbeans Little Millet Pongal Mix:

Little millet Pongal is a traditional food in south India. Magicbeans little millet Pongal mix helps to lose weight and maintains the digestive tract clean. It decreases the risk of heart disease and also maintains heart healthy by controlling cholesterol levels.

Magicbeans Multi Millet Pongal Mix:

Magicbeans multi millet is a healthy mix of organic millets, legumes and spices that contains all the essential nutrients to help you make it throughout the day. It is full of vitamins, proteins, minerals and all the other essential macronutrients.

Magicbeans Horse Gram Dosa Mix:

Horse gram is high in nutrients especially protein and fibre. It helps to improve heart health. Magicbeans horse gram dosa mix has huge health benefits from weight loss to help to maintain sugar levels. It is the best breakfast meal.

Magicbeans Multi Millet Dosa mix:

Magicbeans multi millet dosa mix improves blood circulation. It is rich in antioxidants and enhances the immunity system of our body. It is a perfect breakfast for people with diabetes.

Shop Online:

Thanks for shopping online. Multi grains contain essential nutrients of an individual need, organic grains are free of pesticide, fertilizers and other harmful substances and it helps to maintain the overall health. Magicbeans organic products are available online on Distacart. Grab these nutritional products and stay healthy.

Magicbeans FAQ’s:

1. Is Magicbeans ‘Organic’?

Yes, Magicbeans products are 100% organic.

2.What does multi-grain dosa mix contain?

Multigrain dosa contains wheat, corn, oats black gram, finger millet and fenugreek.

3. What are millet flakes?

Millet flakes are made by grinding the whole grain of millet and they are characterized by the crispness and neutral flavor.

4.Is millet Upma helps in weight loss?

Yes, it is lower in calories and rich in magnesium, fibre and bio-active compounds that help in effective weight loss.

5.Benefits of Magicbeans multi millet Chapathi flour?

Magicbeans multi millet Chapathi flour is rich in essential nutrients that help in weight loss and is perfect for diabetic patients to maintain their blood sugar level.

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