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Organic Hair Color

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Look Young Feel Young with Natural Hair Color:

With age, men and women experience hair greying and that is quite natural. Some may ignore the concept of hair coloring due to some unclarified doubts about hair damage like brittles, and an unhealthy pale dry look to hair strands with hair coloring. perplexing thoughts about which color suits a face, or to defend from hair Greys, unsafe or might cause damage to hair, to look young all these are quite common feelings when it comes to Hair coloring.

Have you heard about natural hair color yet?

If you are having the above thoughts, we're sure that you aren’t aware of organic hair color. Organic hair colors are specially made out of natural ingredients to infuse the goodness to hair along with the desired color. Henna is anatural hair color dye and it acts as acooling agent, since ages to date many people go to choice for natural hair color. This organic henna powder for hair can soothe your skin during summers and treat various scalp conditions. Here is a guide to let you know picking up an Organic hair color is never a bad idea.

Choose your Preference based on your  Appearance:

There are many natural hair colors online. If you are habituated or tried a new color stuck to one particular color it seems to suit you irrespective of your skin tone. Though people feel a little unsure about picking the right color and afraid of experiencing new trails. Such people can go forward with their skin tone!

Black Hair color:

Most of the men and women tend to choose a black hair color which may be their habitat color or it matches their skin tone. Explore Organic hair color black online at Distacart.

Brown Hair color:

If you have a warm skin tone, compliment your complexion with dark brown shades and natural brown shades. It suits every Indian skin tone and makes them look perfect with brown hair color. Buy brown organic hair color online to slay in a naturally youthful look.

Red Hair color:

If you have a pale neutral skin tone, red hair color suits you the best and gives you a desirable young look.If you want to be vibrant and to feel the perfect match to your skin tone. Buy red natural hair color online at Distacart.

Other Arresting Hair Colours:

If you want a makeover from a routine look and want to add a little pinch of millennial touch go opt for different colors of the best organic hair color online at Distacart. We have a wide range of organic hair colors from best sellers and best brands and explore the best natural organic hair dyes for men and women online now.

Benefits of Buying Organic Hair Colors Online:

Free From Harsh Chemicals and Ammonia: Most of you look for chemical and Ammonia free hair colors as they can damage the hair to a long extent. For those who are a bit scared, we are clearing your air. organic hair colors are 100 percent natural and are chemical free.

Safest for Sensitive Skin and Scalp:Men and women both have sensitive scalps and tend to face itching and rashes, so they need a bit of extra care. Opting for organic hair colors can have major benefits to your sensible scalp and in turn, reduces some of the scalp problems

Prevents hair damage: Organic hair colors can prevent damaging the hair. It reduces the hair brittles, thinning, split ends, and breakage. Reduces hair dandruff, and removes the dry flakes on the scalp.

Locks moisture: Natural Hair dyes have moisturizing properties that can lock up the hydration without letting your hair and scalp look pale or dry

Soothes the Scalp:Natural ingredients goodness helps the sensitive scalp by applying soothing and calming effects. Even dye needs to be retained for long hours to dry, the soothing effects let you feel relaxed meanwhile

Long lasting: Natural hair colors infuse long-lasting color on the hair, which evades multiple dying which in turn helps hair from thinning and saves time. You can feel the naturally infused color for many months

How to apply Organic Hair Color:

  • Shampoo with any shampoo, for better outcomes, try organic shampoos to compliment
  • Damp dry your hair and detangle it
  • Take an adequate amount of hair color powder and mix it with hot or lukewarm water to make a consistent paste
  • Apply all over the hair Start from the roots in 15 to 30 minutes of mixing
  • Wait for an hour and rinse with Plain water

Best Ayurvedic Brands for Organic Hair Color Online at Distacart:

  • Ancient Living Organic Hair Color Jar - Glass Jar 
  • Banjara's Black Henna Brazilian Black Hair Color
  • Kama Ayurveda Organic Hair Color Regim
  • Biotique Herbcolor 3N Darkest Brown
  • Patanjali Kesh Kanti Herbal Mehandi Dark Brown 
  • Tjori Herbal Hair Color Burgundy


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