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Get the Best Pilgrim Products Online:

The Pilgrim brand identified the gap in the beauty care segment between what customers expect and what Indian beauty brands are offering to them. Hence, they are trying to bring global practices to India. Pilgrim products include the Korean skincare regime as their product formulations.

Korean beauty products use much gentler formulas like the Korean tradition of using natural, unique, and harsh-free ingredients passed through multiple generations. Their products are naturally made only with organic ingredients. They follow a rule of excluding “toxic 20”. Pilgrim has a list of 20 toxic ingredients that are harmful to your skin and they are the root cause of the imbalance of skin and hair health. Pilgrim consciously excludes these 20 ingredients from every product. The range of products offered by Pilgrim is explained below.

Glowing Skin with Pilgrim:

Pilgrim offers a wide range of face washes, face masks, day and night creams, serums, face oils, and under-eye creams. These face care products are power packed with ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. They are suitable for all skin types and even work best for acne-prone skin.

Healthy Hair Solutions:

The harsh weather and pollution harm the hair first. Hair-fall and damaged hair are quite common for almost everyone now. Pilgrims’ hair care range consists of shampoo, hair masks,  conditioners, serums, and oils that are specially designed to cure hair-related issues.

Soft and Pink Lips with Pilgrim:

Much like your skin, your lips need attention too. It's time to create a lip care routine if you don't already have one. To get a smooth and supple pout, you must at the very least moisturize your lips and exfoliate them to get rid of dry, dead skin.

K Beauty- The Newest Addition to the Skincare:

K Beauty is the innovative technology in skincare that repairs and rejuvenates the skin. Pilgrim has a range of products made on the K beauty concept. These products have 25% AHA, 2% BHA, and 5% PHA solution that nourishes the skin, reduces blemishes, and repairs damaged skin.

Anti-Ageing Range for the Ageless Glow:

The anti-aging range of Pilgrim has products like anti-aging serums, masks, creams, and scrubs that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that make the skin look aged.

Retinol for Blemish Free Skin 

Retinol is a vitamin A formulation that makes your skin glow. Pilgrim retinol range has serums, creams, and face washes that help you get glowing skin.

Glow and Brightening Range of Products:

Pilgrim also has a collection especially curated to give you glowing and bright skin. Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C Brightening serum in this range are effective to reduce blemishes and increase the natural glow of the face.

Are Pilgrim Products Safe?

The FDA-approved Pilgrim products are 100% safe, cruelty free, and vegan. They use many world-class dermatologically tested natural ingredients from different parts of the world. Their products are safe and contain ingredients that help enhance the health of our skin and hair.

Why Should You Choose Pilgrim?

What makes Pilgrim products stand apart is they have brought global beauty standards to India in a cost-effective way. Pilgrim sources their ingredients from different parts of the world. Their products are safe and contain ingredients that help enhance the health of our skin and hair. Pilgrim brought K beauty products to India at a very affordable price. K beauty products are ones derived from South Korea and have recently gained popularity all over the world.

To sum up, Pilgrim products are created on the Korean beauty concept that is great for your skin and hair. They are super effective yet affordable. For your skin and hair health, order these products now from distacart.

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