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Pure Nutrition

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Pure Nutrition-The Nutrient Bowl of the World:

Nutrients play a pivotal role in the successful maintenance of the body to sustain life. Nutrients are acting as fuel for all metabolic activities (Anabolic and/or Catabolic) which are vital for the body. They are highly essential for the formation, growth and repair of cells and tissues. Nutrients are the energy source for all the basic physical activities which we do in our routine. These nutrients are supplied to the body solely by the things which we eat and drink. Major groups of nutrients we consume will perform diverse and unique functions. Generally, there are enormous varieties of nutrients available in the balanced diets which we consume daily. A balanced diet is composed of all varieties of nutrients like carbohydrates (Sugars), Proteins, Lipids/Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and dietary fibres.

Nowadays, nutritional deficiency has become a common issue across the world. The quality of dietary intake and the foul practices of diet, irregular timings and abnormal food habits are responsible for malnutrition/nutritional deficiency. The nutritional demand of the body can be satisfied by different varieties of fortified diets which are rich with essential nutrients or dietary supplements/whole food ingredients. 

Dietary supplements are formulated products that are anticipated to supplement the quality and quantity of the nutrients. These dietary supplements are available in the form of pills, syrups, tonics, powders, tablets and liquid forms. These supplements may be extracted from different food sources or they may be synthesized in order to increase the nutrient levels of the body. 

Pure Nutrition Herbal Supplements Online:

Pure Nutrition is one of the best online/offline manufacturers/suppliers of the best quality dietary supplements at par with the world’s best manufacturers. It has been manufacturing products to work in the fields of Cardio-vascular, Bone and Joints, Immune supportive, Weight management, digestion and Gut associated issues, Anti-inflammatory, Blood sugar supportive, Anti-aging, Haircare, Skincare and Nails wellness, cleanse and detox, Exercise and fitness, Brain and Memory Support, Sexual wellness, Stress management and Multivitamin enrichment. A dietary supplement product contains nutrients derived from different food products and is often moulded into the form of liquid syrups, capsules, tablets, powder, or pills.  

It has been operating 3 diversified verticals where it is collecting, processing, manufacturing and marketing its unique products with stringent protocols in quality control.

  1. Nutraceuticals & Wellness 
  2. Personal care
  3. Cold pressed edible oils. 

Nutraceuticals: (Nutrient+ pharmaceutical= Nutraceuticals)

Nutraceuticals are the substances or compositions which provide nutrients for medical and health benefits. These have drawn the attention of consumers with their potentiality in nutritional and therapeutic effects. These are efficient in antioxidant defence mechanisms, cell proliferation, expression of genes and safeguarding of cell organelles.

Nutraceuticals from Pure Nutrition:

Fortified dairy products, Multivitamin tablets/syrups, Mineral supplements, Fish oils, Protein/Peptide/Amino acid supplements, Dietary fibres, PUFA(Poly Unsaturated fatty acid) formulations, Keto-acids combinations, Safed Musali, Kidney detoxifiers, Vegan Protein, Evening Prime rose oil, Ultra calcium supplements, Liver detoxifiers, Multivitamin/Mineral for Kids, Noni, Lung detoxifiers, Digestive enzymes, Blood purifiers, Papaya products for platelet enhancement, Immune booster, Anti-oxidant formulations, Progut, Feminzin/Menzin, Multivitamins for Men and Women and Glucosamine combinations. The attractive feature available with Pure Nutrition is all these products are accessible in combo packs also.

Personal care products from Pure Nutrition: 

Personal Healthcare products include shampoos, moisturisers, Hair oils, beard oils, perfumes, and anti-oxidant combinations for skin, hair and body. They are formulated with Herbal extracts, Probiotics, fortified products homoeopathic formulations etc., Pure Nutrition offers Shampoos, hair oils, Sanitizers, Vitamin C serum solutions (anti-oxidant), Biotin plus, shampoo for hair, onion ginger hair oil, and onion ginger shampoo, hand sanitisers, biotin shampoo.

Edible Oils from Pure Nutrition: 

Edible oils are thoroughly refined oils. They add flavour to the dish and lodge health benefits. These are extracted from different plant sources like coconut, olive, sesame seeds, groundnuts, mustard seeds, sunflower seeds, and others. They are rich in beneficial which provide a plethora of advantages to enhance health.

Pure Nutrition is offering good quality edible oils which are rich in MCTs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids), lauric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid etc. These all components of edible oils are good in weight management, moisturising hair and skin, easily digestible, support cognition, immune boosting and anti-oxidant in function. 

The uniqueness of Pure Nutrition:

  1. Naturally sourced, highest quality and clinically proved ingredients with the best bioavailable quality are used in the manufacture of the products.
  2. Extraction of bioactive materials is through scrupulous research methodologies.
  3. Multiple confirmatory tests to ensure the identity, purity and potency of the ingredients used in the preparation of dietary supplements.
  4. The most appropriate classical and advanced analytical assessment methods are used to maintain the quality of the products (GMP-certified).
  5. 0% usage of ingredients which are from Genetically Modified Organisms, allergens, carcinogenic additives and preservatives. 
  6. ‘Customer’s satisfaction first –Business next’ policy - 100% money refund policy – with “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” on customer dissatisfaction at any point in time.
  7. Well-equipped own research laboratories for designing innovative and premium quality formulations. 

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