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Tinge is India's first handcraftedcosmetic brand. The products offered by Tinge are customized and 100% natural, suitable specifically for the Indian skin tone. Tinge is one of the few brands that work closely with customers and makes makeup products suited to their needs. As a result, the products that you buy are not mass-produced but are carefully crafted especially for your needs and requirements. Tinge products are handmade and are created with care. The brand uses 100% natural and vegan ingredients that are safe for all skin types. Tinge works in close association with seasoned makeup artists, who understand and honour the style, spirit, & sensibility of each individual consumer and their requirement.

Online shopping has changed the way people choose goods and services. Today, all major brands seek online assistance to sell their products and reach a larger audience. Tinge is also available to be bought online on various eCommerce websites. The online presence of the brand has made it popular amongst youngsters. The customizable nature of the products attracts the attention of millennials who have ever-changing choices. The basic aim of Tinge is to sell products to the requirement of customers based on their choices. 

Tinge Customized Cosmetics:

Nowadays, women love to have their own customized cosmetics. Tinge products are certified organic and formulated with natural ingredients to protect your skin and make you beautiful. Even if you use Tinge products on an everyday basis, your skin would not be irritated or scarred in any manner. Tinge products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free, making them completely safe for use. Tinge products are divided into the following categories:

Tinge Lip Makeup Products:

Tinge has a wide range of lip makeup products that are suitable for all skin types. Your lips would be thanking you after using Tinge lip makeup on them. They are divided into the following sub-categories:

Liquid Lipsticks: Theweightless liquid lipsticks from Tinge goes on as a thin layer. It gives a matte finish and keeps lips comfortably moisturized for long periods of time. It can also be used for cheeks and lips. The oils present in the formula make it weightless and also nourish the lips resulting in moist skin that does not crack. 

Wax Lipsticks: Wax lipsticks are packed with velvety butter and oils rich in antioxidants. It keeps lips hydrated and moisturized. If you have extremely dry lips, this lipstick would be ideal for you.

Lip Scrubs: The unique Tingelip scrubs are used to remove the dead skin from the lips. It is formulated with bamboo fibre that ensures a gentle massage for your lips. It makes lips supple and smooth.

Lip Balms: Lip balms offered by Tinge are extremely moisturizing and do not contain any harmful chemicals that would damage the softness of your natural lips. They make your lips softer and are a great base for matte lipsticks.

Tinge Multi Shade Sticks:

Tinge multi-shade sticks are the perfect inclusion of any makeup kit. It can be used for lips, eyes as well as cheeks. They are all-natural, long-lasting products that not only nourish but also suit sensitive eyes and skin. 

Tinge Eye Makeup Products:

Tinge cares about the needs of its customers, and hence, has come up with a range of eye makeup products to provide your eyes with the best quality care. The eye makeup products are divided into the following categories:

Eyebrow Pencil: Tinge eyebrow pencils define and fill your eyebrows to create a natural, balanced look. They are easy to blend and make eyebrow touch-ups hassle-free. 

Eye Pencil:To enjoy natural eye makeup with no side effects, Tinge has created a collection of customized eye pencils. They are suitable for sensitive eyes. The pencils are certified organic and cruelty-free, so there is no irritation even with daily use.

Tinge Makeup Products Earth FAQ’s:

1. Can I get customized lipstick online?

Yes, Tinge is a brand where you get customized lipsticks. All lipsticks are created by seasoned makeup artists who are the best at what they do.

2. Where can I find Tinge makeup products?

You can find Tinge makeup products on various online websites and get them delivered to your doorstep.

3. Is it safe to wear Tinge eye makeup products?

Yes, it is completely safe to wear the Tinge eye makeup products. All the products are manufactured in secure and certified environments, following all the safety guidelines of the industry.

4. Are Tinge lip makeup products suitable for dry lips?

Yes, Tinge lip makeup products help keep lips comfortably moisturized and hydrated. Even after prolonged use, your lips would not dry out or feel irritated.

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