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A round or oval-shaped yellow lentil, Toor dal is also referred to as pigeon pea dal. They are generally larger in size than the red lentils or black masoor dal which are possibly the most popular choice of dal. In the Tamil Language, toor dal is called Thuvaram Paruppu. This dal is a top source of protein and other vital elements for vegetarians and should be consumed regularly. The high fiber content of Toor dal aids in the relief of constipation. Additionally, it has plenty of phosphorus, which supports bone health. This dal can prevent obesity and fight anemia if consumed regularly. Toor dal's high protein content is another important factor in its popularity where non-vegetarians can acquire enough protein by eating meat, but what about vegetarians? Add a few bowls of Toor dal to your rice or roti as a side dish. That ought to cover your want for protein each day. If you want to buy Toor dal, it is available from Distacart. Purchase Toor dal online to prepare delectable meals for your loved ones.

Nutrition value for Toor Dal:

Nutrition value is taken for Tata Sampann Toor Dal Yellow(500g)

Here we added nutritional information per 100gms*

Nutrition Value Quantity
Energy(kcal) 353
Protein(g) 22.61
Carbohydrate(g) 61.54
Fatty Acids(g) <=1.78
 Minerals(mg) 67.71

Benefits of Toor Dal for Health:

Excellent Protein:

One of the best strategies to meet the protein requirements of growing youngsters is to include Toor dal in the meal plan. Toor dal is a rich source of high-quality protein, which serves as the body's building block and fosters growth and general health. Combined with cereal, this dal creates a complete protein source that provides all the necessary amino acids for building and repairing tissues.

Controls Weight:

Interested in a healthy weight loss plan? Then start increasing the amount of protein-rich meals in your diet. Toor dal's inherent protein richness keeps you full and regulates irrational hunger sensations. At the same time, the benefits of dietary fiber and a low glycaemic index assist you in losing weight by lowering your appetite, igniting metabolism, and consuming fewer calories overall. Toor dal is also a fantastic healthy food for all weight watchers because it is low in saturated fats.

An excellent source of folic acid:

Toor dal is gifted with abundant folic acid reserves, which play a crucial role in pregnancy for the healthy development of the fetus. Pregnancy raises the need for folic acid, which protects the unborn child from brain and spinal cord birth abnormalities. Pregnant women can reduce their risk of miscarriage, premature delivery, and anemia by including Toor dal in their diet.

Supports the immune system:

Toor dal has a huge amount of magnesium, which helps to develop a strong immune system and ward against illnesses. One of the essential minerals that support both physical and mental wellbeing and is actively involved in the operation of more than 300 body functions is magnesium.

Toor Dal Recipes:

Toor dal is the most popular variety of lentils in Indian households, used in everything from decadent dishes like Kabuli Chana Dal, and Dal Tadka to snacks like dal handvo, paruppu vada, and desserts like halwa, payasam, and Puran Poli. Here you will see mouthwatering toor dal recipes here, such as Palak Tuvar Dal and Puran Poli. These nutritious dishes will provide you with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins you need to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Puran Poli:

A popular sweet Indian flatbread is called Puran Poli. Puran Poli is created with various fillings, including chana dal, toor dal, and coconut. Toor dal, jaggery, saffron, ghee, and elaichi are used to make the filling in Puran poli made in some style. This is a festival-style sweet that is highly flavorful and wonderful.

Palak Tuvar Dal:

The adaptable ingredient toor dal blends with any greens and provides the ideal consistency without turning goopy. Palak and toor dal combine well and when properly pressure cooked to produce a filling dish. The Palak Toor Dal has a fresh aroma and enticing flavor thanks to its seasoning with entire spices. It is a delicious pleasure brimming with nutrients.

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Toor Dal FAQ’s:

1. Is toor dal healthy for people with high uric acid levels?

Yes, toor dal is beneficial if you have excessive amounts of uric acid. Toor dal contains antioxidants that can help control blood uric acid levels.

2. Are eating Toor dal much every day has any negative effects?

Toor dal has no negative side effects. It is also the ideal food item for daily intake.

3. Is toor dal will create any gas issues?

When cooked properly, Toor dal typically does not produce gas because it is easy to digest, which decreases the likelihood of gas development.

4. Can we consume Toor dal at night time?

You can certainly eat a bowl of warm dal at night. Just remember to allow two to three hours between dinner and bedtime.

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