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Himalaya liv 52 DS

Great product


At least one week the items were in my mail box

Crispy and tasty !! Worth Buying.

One of the best evening snack..

Best Evening Snack..

Its so yum... Khatta Mitha and tasty.. Try it.

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It is so fresh, crispy and tasty.. Thanks to

Fresh and Tasty.

It is so fresh and crispy..

Fresh and delicious taste of sweets

Thank to Distacart for delivering the original sweets in no time when compared with distance. The sweets are so fresh and tasty.


Shipping status update information was very good.
Packing was very good.
Tracking was very good.
Perfect shipping!

I doubt about the genuinely it is brown top

We placed an order from dista cart 4 kgs of browntop millets. When we cook them they looked different in color than the one we bought from a USA store named organic-sphear. The one from dista cart are yellowsh tint and where as from organic-sphear were light greenish tint. How do we get assured with the browntop millets are natural millets and not adulterated millets. Please advise.

Best Soap from Sri Sri Tattva.

Best Antiseptic soap.. thanks to Distacart for on time delivery.

Good One.

After wash Skin is so soft and Moisturized.

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Improves in Digestion.


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Best Masala from Patanjali..

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Easy to prepare Butter Milk.. Best Hand blender

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we can try for other chats as well.