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Patanjali Cow's Ghee

This iTeam really works

This iTeam really works I notice the deference on my site in less than a week it’s a big deference I love this product. I would buy it again.

Pappu Chekkalu

Tasted good and fresh, were crunchy

Himalayan Wellness Karela tablets.

I started taking it, but do not know whether it helps in reducing blood sugar levels. My fasting blood sugar is the same as before. I will know only when I go to the doctor and get A1c test done. So I can not give proper review now.

Ayurvedic Kashayam

Prompt delivery thru DHL, at a reasonable price compared to other suppliers.

Best ointment

I had severe back pain and after using that my pain got relieved so much it’s best medicine .

In time supply

Appreciate the service.

Himalaya Herbals - Evecare capsules

Great product

It's really a great product from patanjali. I always use Distacart to get my product from India to US. Service always has been really good and satisfactory.


I have never been so extremely impressed with the results these little red pills gave me in just a day. I went outside the following day and raked my yard, now I have a damaged liver and it set me back, but in no time I am feeling normal again although I will not try anything that strenous. But I have been singing the praises of these pills to many and I cannot believe how many people in need of this product. I am grateful to my heavenly Father for creating the herbal kingdom for the healing of the nation Rev. 22:2 and these herbs heal. The delivery and packaging was flawless.

Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala - Dasamularishtam

Patanjali Divya Mukta Vati Extra Power

Very bad quality!!!

Fast delivery with free shipping


Fresh and great

Very good

5 👌

Tasty and quick delivery

Ariselu were a little hard, probably due to ghee and cold weather, but were fresh and tasty. Had to microwave for a few seconds to make it a little soft. Sweets were well packaged and delivery was pretty quick. Very good experience overall. I am sure we will keep buying :)

Himalaya Koflet Syrup

It is great. I order online and received the product as promised on time within three days. Great service. I recommend Distacart for your urgent need.

on time shipping

I am always happy to order through Distacart as the items are shipped on time and never had any issues with the order. Great service.


That was great experience of shopping at ur site

Patanjali Divya Chandraprabha Vati

Patanjali Divya Patrangasav (450 ML)

i have tasted this product in India ,

i saw this product india , my relatives had these ,good thing is that they claim to have no artificial flavours & have mention on packing as well which show the quality standard of products they serve .

Patanjali Mahamanjisthadi Kwath (Pravahi)

Patanjali Red toothpaste

Although a different product was sent to me initially, I am happy to receive the correct product in the second delivery. Thank you for the great service. Best wishes