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July 23, 2020

Brown Top Millet Health Benefits, Nutrition Value, Uses

Brown Top Millet is signal grass and is one of the rarest millets found. This millet seed can be grown in a variety of soils and climates. It is native to India and grows well in the dry lands of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh border areas. It is called koralee in Kannada. Brown Top Millet in Telugu is called Andu Korralu. Brown Top Millet in Tamil is known as Pala Pul.

Brown Top Millet

Brown Top Millet grass is a wildlife food crop that is used by livestock for summer grazing. It also controls erosion and is useful in hay and food grain production. 

Brown Top Millet in the USA is known as Urochloa Ramosa. Its introduction was mainly for managing forage or pasture using this annual and perennial warm-season grass. In the USA, Brown Top Millet is specially grown in the South-eastern areas, comprised of the non-wetlands in the coastal plains of the Atlantic and Gulf region, eastern Piedmont, and the Great Plains. These areas are rich in sandy loam soil, which is the best for growing Brown Top Millet.

Brown Top Millet tips for growing

Following is it general care taken during the farming and cultivation of Brown Top Millets – 

  • This millet is planted from mid-April until mid-August in most of the locations. If planted later then, there is a chance of getting a lower yield.
  • Use traditional drillers to plant the seeds one inch below the topsoil layer, which is recommended for a better yield. 
  • The seeds should be covered with a firm layer of soil, which is half an inch thick.
  • The seeds start germinating within five days under ideal conditions, and the forage is ready for harvest within two months.
  • Fertilizers with phosphorus and nitrogen help in increasing forage productivity. 

Importance of growing Brown Top Millet

Brown Top Millet is advantageous for farmers

Growing Brown Top Millet is advantageous for farmers –

  • It stabilizes erosion on hill slopes.
  • It provides a cover or protection for slower-growing crops as the Brown Top Millet grass is tall. 
  • Its reseeding is very easy, and the seed amazingly remains viable in the soil for years, thus making Brown Top Millet an excellent regenerative food plot for wildlife. 
  • As Brown Top Millet reduces produces a lot of seeds. These millet seeds are used as food, especially by the game birds that are highly attracted. Brown Top Millet doves, ducks, quails, Turkey, and other wildlife depend on these few types of millet planted in dry areas. 

Health Benefits of Brown Top Millets

Millets are highly beneficial for health. Brown Top Millet is very nutritious as well as delicious. Here is the nutritional value of the Brown Top Millet – 

Protein (g)

Fiber (g)

Minerals (g)

Iron (g)

Calcium (g)







Brown Top Millets - Health Benefits

Let us look at the health benefits of Brown Top Milletsfor humans:

  • It is gluten-free and rich in nutrients that are essential for the body.
  • It is an incredibly useful source of natural fiber as compared to other food grains.
  • Brown Top Millet comprises 12.5% fiber, which acts as a medicine to deal with several lifestyle diseases.
  • Consumption of Brown Top Millet regularly leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, duodenal ulcers, and hyperglycemia or diabetes. 

Side Effects of consuming Brown Top Millet:

Though nutritious and delicious, one should consume millets in moderation. Excessive consumption can lead to adverse effects on one's health. Millets-only diets are dangerous for anyone resulting in the following health issues:

  • It can interfere with the digestion system by delaying the digestion process because of the high fiber content. 
  • The thyroid gland cannot function well with over consumption of the millets.
  • People suffering from intestinal disorders can increase their difficulty due to the over consumption of Brown Top Millet.
  • Though millets are a good source of amino acids, high content of amino acids can cause trouble with digestion.

How to shop for Brown Top Millet?

Online shopping has made it very easy for one to find millets in desired quantities and at competitive prices from the comfort of one's home. Google Brown Top Millet near me, and you can find it in local shops and hypermarkets as well as on various online shopping sites. Now the question arises where to buy millets in USA Well, Brown Top Millet is readily available in the USA in any sophisticated hypermarkets or on various online shopping sites. 

With all its benefits and the popularity gained, Millets are still a less cultivated crop and almost on the edge of extinction. Brown Top Millet needs to go a long way in protecting the livelihood of farmers while getting to the grips of issues of malnutrition, food security, climate change, and many more. Steps towards its necessary conservation, bringing awareness among people, and the invention of appropriate and comfortable machinery to process the crops can help bring back the lost millet.

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