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Organic Brown Top Millets:

Browntop millet is packed with high nutrition content and leads the Indian grocery market out of all the other millets. Browntop millet is a healthy food as it is gluten-free and has high proteins, fiber and minerals. Browntop millet has multiple health benefits as it helps ease constipation and deeply cleanses the body. In addition, its probiotic ingredients help control high blood pressure and cure respiratory disorders. 

Millets, as it is, have a good name for their weight loss properties and browntop millets are considered to be the best ones in this section. It is ideal for people on a keto diet to consume browntop millet as gluten-free and rich in proteins.

You can buy browntop millets from grocery stores. They are also available online nowadays on websites like distacart, where you can read the nutritional value of each product.

Browntop Millets Benefits:

Browntop millets- Browntop millet seeds are way healthier than wheat and rice. They are packed with vitamins and minerals. They are rich in iron, sulphur, nicotinamide, potassium, magnesium, gliadin, zinc and vitamins such as B1, B2, B6 and B17. Several healthy and tasty snacks can be made with Browntop millets. Grammy's, Freshon, Nature’s Trunk, Pristine Nutrilet and Vijaya have good quality organic browntop millets.

Browntop millet flour-  For those who love to have roti and chapatti but are looking for a healthy alternative, browntop millet flour is a great option. The Vijaya brand has good quality browntop millet flour to cook your favourite recipes.

Browntop millet Rawa- Rawa form of browntop millets help in effortless cooking. It is made using unpolished millets straight from the farmer’s farm. Vijaya’s browntop millet rawa is a great way to cook your favourite dishes such as Upma, sheera, Dosa, Idli and many more.

Browntop Millets FAQ’s:

1. Is Browntop millet good for skin?

Yes, Browntop millet has proven benefits in treating problematic skin, and it has several benefits for treating arthritis as well.

2. I am on a keto diet, so can I include browntop millets in my diet?

Absolutely yes, Since browntop millet is rich in proteins and vitamins and has fewer carbohydrates, you can include browntop millet in your diet.

3. What recipes can I make with browntop millets?

You can make healthy recipes with top brown millets such as Dosa, Idli, Upma, Sheera, Roti, Chapati and many more.

4. Is browntop millet good for digestion?

Yes, browntop millets have detoxifying properties, and it cleanses the body from within. Hence, they are considered suitable for digestion.

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