Patanjali Beauty Cream (50 GM)

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Patanjali Beauty Cream, For Smooth and Supple Skin, Removes Dark Spots & Wrinkles, Made with all- natural ingredients, 50 grams tube

Patanjali beauty cream is a moisturiser which can be used all through the year. The cream comes in a tube with an airtight cap. The cream is

Made with

• Tulsi

• Kutaj

• Turmeric

• Aloe Vera 

• Anantmool

• Sandalwood

• Manjistha root 

• Wheat germ oil

• Boost skin regeneration

• Stimulating micro- circulation of the skin.

Health Benefits

Patanjali beauty cream enhances the glow of the skin. It keeps the skin soft and supple and is a perfect natural treatment for the face skin. The cream benefits the skin n the following ways.

• Hydrates the skin.

• Removes dark spots.

• Improves skin texture.

• Prevents skin discolouration. 

• Ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles.


Patanjali is a popular FMCG brand in India. The company is known for its beauty and healthcare products. The herbal-mineral products from the company are popular worldwide. Some unique features of Patanjali beauty cream are

• Smells awesome and refreshing.

• Easily blends and penetrates in the skin.

• Made with high quality, natural ingredients.

• Usable for 12 months from the date of manufacture.


To get the best out of the Patanjali beauty cream, follow the below tips.

• Use on regular basis.

• Apply directly on the face.

• Keep at a cool and dry place.

• Apply within 2-5 grams per day.

• Do not expose the cream to direct sunlight.

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