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Patanjali Tamra Bhasma (1 GM)

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Patanjali Tamra Bhasma, Provide relief from stomach related issues, Made with copper, 1 gram


Patanjali Tamra Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine. Tamra is Hindi word for copper. So this medicine is made with copper. The content is copper clax in texture.


Patanjali Tamra Bhasma is a pure form of copper. The ingredients of this medicine are 

• Copper

• Aloe vera juice

• Purified sulphur

Health Benefits 

Patanjali Tamra Bhasma can offer relief from difference diseases. Copper is known to have numerous health benefits. The medicine have healing effects on

• Cold.

• Piles.

• Tumor.

• Ascites.

• Obesity.

• Asthma.

• Oedema.

• Dyspepsia.

• Eye diseases.

• Skin diseases.

• Abdominal disorder.

• Respiratory disorders.

• Balance cholesterol levels.

• Gland or stomach related issues.


Patanjali Tamra Bhasma is manufactured by the Divya pharmacy. The medicine is prepared following Ayurvedic principles. Some unique features of this all- natural medicine are

• 100% vegetarian.

• Made with good quality copper.

• Can provide relief from complex or old diseases.

• The brand claims that the bhasma does not have any side effects.

• Comes with a long shelter life of 5 years from the manufacturing date.


Patanjali Tamra Bhasma should be taken as suggested by the physician. The brand provides the following instructions.

• 250mg once or twice a day.

• Before or after having meals.

• Should be taken along with ghee, honey milk or sugar.

• For healing wounds Tamra Bhasma should be mixed with honey.

• To induce vomiting, 60- 300mgs of Tamra Bhasma should be mixed in honey or sugar.


To keep the content fresh and usable for long, keep the below points in mind.

• Store in a cool and dry place.


Patanjali suggests to keep the below points in mind when opting for this Patanjali Tamra Bhasma.

• Keep away children from the medicine.

• Children should not be given Tamra Bhasma.

• Should be avoided in pregnant and lactating women.

• It should be undertaken only under expert supervision.

• Should be taken within a specific time span as agreed with the physician.

• Patanjali Tamra Bhasma can lead to vomiting. This helps to take out the poison in body. It also acts as a heart cleanser.

Disclaimer: Claims not verified by the United States FDA

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