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Mesmara Rosemary Essential Oil

Sold by: Genie India


Mesmara Rosemary Essential Oil, Good for Hair & Skin, 100% Herbal, 15ml/ 30ml

Mesmara Rosemary Essential Oil is an Ayurvedic formulation. Rosemary is a shrub with needle like leaves. The exotic aroma of the oil is known to attract butterflies.

Form: Liquid

Skin type: For all

Type: Essential oil

Suitable for: Adults

Gender: Both men and women

Aroma: Woody, sharp and camphorous

Package content: Comes in a bottle of 15ml and 30ml


Mesmara Rosemary Essential Oil is made from rosmarinus officinalis. The leaves, flowers and buds of the plant are used to extract the oil.


Mesmara Rosemary Essential Oil is a therapeutic oil. It comes with antimicrobial, anti fungal, anti- viral and antiseptic properties. The key uses of this pack of Rosemary essential oil are

• Controls acnes

• Controls dandruff

• Reduces stretch marks

• Hydrates flaky and dry skin

• Acts as a mosquito repellant

• Massage regularly to tone the skin 

• Reduces excessive oil in an oily skin

• Slows down premature greying of hair

• Stimulates follicles and boosts hair growth

• Known to help men with early signs of baldness

• Refreshes the home or office ambience with its exotic fragrance 


Mesmara is a family based business. The brand is known for its 100% pure and natural wellness and beauty products. Mesmara Rosemary Essential Oil

• Is 100% herbal 

• Is free from preservatives 

• Is made with best quality ingredients

• Does not contain carriers, fillers, bases or additives

• Comes with a long shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture

• The oil is extracted following stem distilled process. For this reason the nutrients are preserved in the oil

• Available in an amber coloured bottle. For this reason, the light and sun rays are blocked and the oil remains fresh for long.

Direction to use 

Mesmara Rosemary Essential Oil should be used only after consulting a physician. Generally the below steps are followed to use this oil.

• Dilute with hair and apply in hair. Massage for 3-4 minutes and then wash off the hair

• Can be combined with olive oil to provide a hot oil treatment to hair

• Can be mixed with tea tree oil and basil oil to get relief from scalp problems

• Inhalation of the oil is known to boost mental energy. It is also known to clear the respiratory tract.


Mesmara Rosemary Essential Oil stays fresh and useful for long if the following tips are followed.

• Store in an airtight container 

• Keep at a cool and dry place 


• Only for external use 

• Avoid contact with eyes

• Keep away from children 

• Do not expose to direct sunlight

• Should not be used undiluted on skin

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