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Sri Sri Tattva Honey, 100% Herbal, Rich in Antioxidants, Beauty Pack, 250gm/ 500gm

Sri Sri Tattva Honey is an immensely popular food product. It is the nectar of flowers collected by bees. Honey is known for its multiple medicinal properties. It is also used to enhance the flavour of different cuisines. Honey is in use since approximately 5000 years.

Form: Liquid

Texture: Thick

Colour: Golden

Type: Food product

Gender: Both men and women 

Suitable for: Both kids and adults 

Package content: 250gm/ 500gm in an air- sealed bottle 


100% pure natural honey.


Sri Sri Tattva Honey is considered highly beneficial to human health. 100 grams of honey is known to contain 

• 320 kcal energy 

• 80 grams natural sugar 

• 80 grams carbohydrate 

Some of the health benefits offered by regular consumption of honey are

• Boost weight loss

• Boost metabolism

• Promote eye health

• Rich source of antioxidants 

• Relief from cough and cold

• Nourish andmoisturize the skin

• Promotes burn and wound healing

• Is not known to contain any fibre or fat

• Balance blood pressure and cholesterol levels 

• Comes with anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties 


Sri Sri Tattva is a well known name in the market of herbal wellness and beauty products. The company was started in 1998. Spiritual Guru, Ravi Shankar is the founder of the company. Sri Sri Tattva Honey

• Is 100% vegetarian 

• Is considered to be of high quality

• Is free from added colour and flavour

• Comes with a long shelf life of 12 months

• Can be used externally and also for consumption

Direction to use

Sri Sri Tattva Honey is a versatile food product. Below are some of the ways in which it can be consumed or used.

• It can added in lemonades, salads and sauces instead of sugar

• It can be applied on paranthas and toasts. Honey is naturally sweet and thus can be used as a replacement for jam

• Mix 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Have this mix every morning before having any food. This habit is known to reduce excess weight

• Take a spoonful of honey. Apply on face. Let it sit for 5- 10 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. The skin feels moisturised


Sri Sri Tattva Honey stays fresh and edible for long if the below tips are followed.

• Do not refrigerate 

• Keep in an airtight container 

• Store at a cool and dry place 

• Honey can crystalline over time. This is a natural process. It can be liquified and reused. Place it in warm water or under sunlight to liquify 

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