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Sanitary pads or napkins are made up of an absorbing material type of pad that stops the wet flow all over. There exist different types of sanitary pads with different capacities to absorb light and heavy flow. Choose according to your comfort and needs. Super comfortable companions are sanitary pads for a woman. Sanitary pads have adhesiveness on one side to stick on to the panty on one side.  The wings must go down the panty line. To avoid the inconvenience and to stop the padded from folding from the sides while moving or sitting. And it needs to be changed every 4 to 7 hrs and also depending on the flow. It is important to dispose of the used pads thrown into the garbage by wrapping tissue or waste paper around them.

Choose your menstrual sanitary comforts wisely online. Choose according to the flow, observe and understand your period's flow and then use heavy pads on heavy flow days and lighter pads on light flow days. Based on the absorbent capacity choose sanitary pads online.

A menstrual Pad must be chosen depending on the flow. Be comfortable no matter how the menstrual flow goes, also make sure you use the sanitary pads that don't irritate your vulva, buy natural and 100% cotton and fragrance-free sanitary pads online available at Distacart.

Most women buy sanitary wares everywhere they go because periods' dates can be unknown sometimes. So probably women tend to buy wherever they feel like at the moment. But sanitary pads aren't just a thing to buy without careful attention. You must see the label, date, size, type, purpose, shape, and brand. You must look after the layer, coverage, and leakage.

No Fragrance Still No To Foul Smell:

During periods everyone of us experiences a foul smell, and so the best sanitary pad brands have provided very subtle and mind fragrance, which lasts for long hours

No Artificiality:

Best sanitary napkins have no synthetics used for fragrance and also the fabric of the pad. Natural and chemical-free sanitary napkins are the only option to have comfortable and healthy menstrual period days

Only Hygiene Periods:

Menstrual time women need to be very cautious about vaginal care, along with regular cleaning of private parts. It's very important to include hygienic sanitary products to help ourselves from unhealthy conditions.

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