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Saathi Pads

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Menstrual days are so annoying, though there is nothing to hide and no place for awkwardness. Awareness is the only key to avoiding myths about menstruation. Sanitary wear or Menstrual hygiene products like sanitary pads, tampons, andpantylinersetc. Are now being sold everywhere in order to ease the days with comfort followed by Menstrual health maintenance. Some parts of the world are not even aware of maintaining hygiene and usage of sanitary pads at those times. Everyone needs to know the importance of keeping private hygiene practices and the education field should guide students and children about it. On the other hand, advertisements are the largest barrier to knowing the role of self sanitary hygiene.

Sanitary Napkins or Sanitary Wear and Menstrual Pads for Women:

Sanitary napkins are made up of an absorbing material type of pad that stops the wet flow all over. There exist different types of sanitary pads with different capacities to absorb light and heavy flow. Choose according to your comfort and needs.

Super comfortable companions are sanitary pads for a woman. Sanitary pads have adhesiveness on one side to stick to the panty on one side.  The wings must go down the panty line. To avoid the inconvenience and to stop the padded from folding from the sides while moving or sitting. And it needs to be changed for every 4 to 7 hrs and also depending on the flow. It is important to dispose of the used pads thrown into the garbage by wrapping tissue or waste paper around them.

Saathi pads are one of the hygienic and vegan based materials they use Banana fibre instead of plastic which are biodegradable, 100 per cent pure, artificial scent free, reusable and environmentally friendly. Stock up yourself for your next days of the month by purchasing the best quality Saathi sanitary pads online at Distacart.

Why Switch to Saathi pads?

Anything aside, something that is so close to the vulva should be skin friendly and free from chemicals. Cervical cancer is one of the most threatening and happening diseases all over the world. Most of the ailment victims are the ones who ignored the importance of private hygiene maintenance. Saathi pads are made out of pure fruit banana skin, high quality toxin free pads. They use hypoallergenic silicone pads to let your vulva breathe free and be healthy and hygienic.

Bamboo Fibre Pads:

Considering Menstrual health. Saathi goes green in the production of sanitary pads for women in an Organic way. With the goodness of bamboo to be gentle on the skin, they have introduced biodegradable bamboo fibre sanitary pads. BuySaathi bamboo pads online at Distacart 

Banana Fibre Pads:

Banana fibre is another type of organic pad for women, which brings health and comfort at the same time. BuySaathi banana pads online at Distacart for quick and hassle-free delivery 

Saathi Menstrual Cups :

Soft and flexible, easy to use and reusable vacuum seal against vaginal walls without any drop leakage. Experience breezy days with the comfort it brings

The cup can be removed, washed and can be used again which can last up to 3-5 years mainly based on the usage. Economical and Environmental friendly as there is no place for disposal. Buy all types of Feminine Care products online at Distacart.

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