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Vijaya Foods

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To indulge yourself in traditional foods every single day include foods that are healthy, safe and definitely yummy. Buy Authentic Indian foods from Vijaya foods online at Distacart. Vijaya foods involve the amalgamation of recipes that are well processed, preservatives free and chemical free ingredients. Enjoy everyday breakfast or snacks cravings with quality sources of food products. Drive your dishes with sprouts, millets, grains, pulses, flours for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Organically processed food ingredients to help you gain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. With locally ground and grown grains in consuming foods, the body gets enough calories and proteins which makes you make it a daily routine. Vijaya Foods are known for their premium quality and longest shelf life.

Master your recipes with roasted grains that are truly processed without losing their actual nutrients, natural flavour and properties. Wholesomeness in their foods to enjoy and experience the legacy of Indian traditional grains.

Buy chemical free, less carbonated Vijaya Foods online to add extra nutrient-rich value to your healthy body functioning and to energize your body for daily activities. Buy various flavoured chutney powders, millets, Flours online from Vijaya Foods. 

Chutney Powders:Chutney powders are a healthy mix to accompany your breakfast. Chutney Pudi is made from chilli, dal, coconut, tamarind, asafoetida and salt. Add spice to your everyday morning breakfast with different flavour chutney powders from Vijaya foods. Types of chutney powders available online are: Curry Leaves chutney powder, Fried Gram chutney powder, Flax seeds chutney powder and other recipes for chutney powder

Millets:Millets are small seeded grass formed from cereals and grains. All these are extremely nutritious superfood supplements, there are various types of millets out there that all contribute to various health benefits. Buy quality millets from Vijaya foods Types of millets available online are Ragi/finger millets, Pearl millets, Proso Millets, Mixed millets, Browntop millets, Little millets and Foxtail Millets.

Flour:Flour is a fine powder obtained by grinding nuts, seeds, grains or roots. Different types of foods are made with different kinds of flour.  Types of flour available at Vijaya foods are Barnyard Millet flour, Kodo Millet flour Bajra flour, Jowar Flour, and Rice flour.

Chips:Chips are everyone’s favourite snacks, buy quality chips from Vijaya Foods to satisfy your hunger and fill your tummy with joy. Order different kinds of chips such as Soya chips, Ragi chips and Corn chips online.

Chikki:Chikki is a very healthy way to fetch body essential nutrients through nuts and jaggery. Power packed with delicacy and vital vitamins.

Nutritional Facts of Millets:

  • Calories - 207
  • Carbs - 41 grams 
  • Fibre - 2.2 grams
  • Protein - 6 grams
  • Fat - 1.7 grams
  • Phosphorus- 25%
  • Magnesium- 19%

Nutritional Facts of Flour Per 100grams:

  • Calories - 364
  • Fat - 1g
  • Cholesterol- 0mg
  • Proteins - 20grams
  • Calcium - 1%
  • Magnesium - 5%
  • Iron - 6%
  • Dietary fibre -  2.7grams

Vijaya Foods FAQ’s:

1. Can we give Ragi sari to babies?

Hapdco homeopathy products are made of natural ingredients, are extremely safe, and undergo several quality control checks before selling them to the market, however right moderate dosage is the key.Ragi Sari is absolutely safe for babies, as they are 100% natural and are gluten free.

2. How to use chutney powders?

Chutney powders are a dry form of breakfast companion. All south Indian breakfast will be super delicious when served with chutney powders made of different spices.

3. Are chutney powders healthy?

Yes, they help in reducing cholesterol, helps in providing enormous nutrients to the body.

4. Which is healthier Millet or rice?

Millets are the healthiest form and supplier of proteins and fibre to the body. Both polished and unpolished millets are beneficial for healthy lifestyle.

5. Can we take large amounts of millets?

It is advisable to avoid large quantities of millets intake as anything excess is not advisable. To ease digestion moderate consumption is a better idea.

6. How long is the shelf life of millets?

Six months is the shelf life of millets, when you store them in a dry cool place in an airtight container.

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