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Snacks / Namkeens

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Indian Snacks / Indian Namkeens - The Right Choice for Afternoon Binge

Indian snacks (also called namkeen) are absolute magical delights. Hard to resist, namkeen are the saviours on idle afternoons or as a readymade side dish with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee. Hardly you will find an Indian home without a pack of namkeen. Sweet, tangy and spicy, Indian snacks are combination of ultimate flavours. We bring to you an array of authentic Indian snacks in USA. Distacart is the genie to all your food wishes!

Snacks ranging from Patanjali Moong Dal Namkeen, Mithaiwala Khatta Mitha, Pulla Reddy Salt Kaju, Dadu’s Kaju Pakoda to Vellanki Food’s Kaju Chudva, explore our online shopping arcade and buy Indian snacks online.

We make online shopping better for you with easy payment options. You can make payments through credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Net Banking. So with just one click, tasty Indian Namkeens USA is on your way.

Let us check out some of the famous Indian snacks online USA which you can enjoy both at day and night.


This is the best instant evening Indian snacks if you want to enjoy multiple flavours at one go. The popular mixture namkeen include Navarathna Mixture. It is generally made with lot of nuts and spices. This crispy appetizer comes with a grand look and is a perfect Diwali snacks. Cornflakes mixture, dalmoti mixture, khara mixture and rice flakes mixture are some other crunchy evening snacks recipes.

Nut- based namkeen:

Nut-based namkeen can be considered as the perfect Indian snacks for kids. Satisfy the evening hunger pangs of your little ones with tasty nut-based snacks. Kids look forward towards the evening snacks and a plate of hot and spicy kaju acts as an energy booster. Kaju chudva, salted kaju, pepper kaju, dry fruit mixture and masala peanuts can satisfy both the taste and health need of children until the dinner is served.

Snacks for every occasion:

Party on your mind? Start stocking best Indian snacks. Available in all shapes and sizes, these are the best choices for any type of event. If you do not want to get into the hassle of setting up a barbecue or making fancy starters for guests, serve namkeen snacks. These crunchy, yummy namkeen goes well along with all drinks and starters. We bring to you the tastiest Indian snacks from top confectionary brands like Mithaiwala, Vellanki Foods, Pulla Reddy and Patanjali.


1. What are popular Indian snacks?

Kara mixture, Pakoda, Masala Kaju, Dalmothi and Janthikalu are some of the famous Indian namkeen.

2. What are Namkeen generally made with?

Namkeen are generally made with flour, spices and fried in vegetable oil.

3. What is the best evening snacks?

Masala kaju, Boondi, Sev, Spicy Peanuts and Khatta Mitha goes best as evening snacks.

4. What is the best snacks for kids?

Snacks with nuts, corns and rice flakes can be the best snacks for children.

5. What do you serve with tea?

Any Indian Namkeen goes well with tea. Try out hot and spicy kaju, khara mixture or chana dal namkeen.

6. Can I gift Indian snacks on Diwali?

Yes. Pulla Reddy Dry Fruits can serve as a perfect Diwali gift.

7. How to retain the crispness of Indian Namkeens?

Keep away from moisture. Store in an airtight container.

8. What is the approximate shelf life of a packet of namkeen mixture?

10-15 days

9. The available Indian Namkeen online are ready to eat?

Yes. Just take out the Indian namkeen from the packet and serve.

10. Are Indian snacks available in festive packs?

Yes. We can even gift wrap and send the snacks right at the recipient address.