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Indian Snacks / Indian Namkeens - The Right Choice for Afternoon Binge

Nowadays, you can get ready to eat food that does not require time-consuming preparation and it can be referred to as snacks. It is a broad category, and you can tend to divide snacks into different types, depending on your various aspects. Besides the main division of sweet and savory snacks, you can classify them according to the different areas. You can stock up on unique and freshly made snacks by ordering online from your favorite seller. The online platform will act as the best site for selecting cleanly prepared tasty snacks.

Snacks play an important part in our daily life. Snacks have been prepared for hundreds of years by our ancestors. People are too busy in their worldly works and there is no time to make and enjoy these delicious healthy snacks in their homes. Also, it needs proper consistency and experience in making the dough otherwise the snack will not be perfect. Though snacks portray a bad image in today’s modern world, traditional and healthy snacks are also now available online. 


Snacks have become an important part of your daily diet due to their indulgent flavors and convenience. When it comes to snacks, you are like boss because you can feel like having something crunchy and spicy go for pakkodas and mixtures. The snacks are an easily accessible and acceptable dieting option that can replace your regular food. The festive occasion is the best time to buy snacks, and it is also varies depending on the states and procedure of festivals. With the popularity of nuts and millets, you can get a range of nuts-based snacks like groundnut chekkalu and masala peanuts.

Indian snacks:

The Indian snacks are considered as the best evening snack and you can enjoy with multiple flavors at one go. You can choose Indian snake-like Mullu Murukku, mixture, pulla reddy chegodi, etc., in the savory snacks, which are the most popular. Pulla ready dalmothi, tenkozhal MulluMurukku, and kara Bondi are generally given a crunchy taste. This crisp appetizer will come with a grant look, and it is the perfect snack for your festivals. The Indian snacks are coupled with hygienic and healthy ingredients to remove some heavy and unhealthy stuff from the recipe of your snacks. You can put the fun always into your life with yummy snacks like Sanna karapusa, nathu’s cocktail kachori, and namkeens.

North Indian snacks:

The North Indian snacks are spicier, and you are bound with this for indulgent and decadent. Because the North Indian snacks are famous in terms of attractiveness and crispy, in that list, you can try Kaju pakkoda, sanna boondhi mixture, pulla reddy dalmothi. These evergreen snacks are hard to avoid, and they will strike a chord among all your generation. So without delay, you can buy these snacks for your special occasions and festivals.

South Indian snacks:

South Indian snacks are most popular for their taste and manifestation. South Indian snacks like Palli chekkalu, mullu murukku, potato masala chips, and butter murukku are in perfect sizes and shapes. It is the best choice for your special event. You can serve South Indian snacks along with some soft drinks to your guest, will give them a warm welcome, and they are a wonder in the taste of your snacks.


The Namkeen is well thought-out of the best snack for your kids, and it satisfies your little one hunger pangs with the healthy nut-based combination. Many of the namkeen snakes, including sev, are versatile and crunchy snacks flavored with all kinds of spices. You can look forward to the evening snacks, and a plate of specific Kaju snacks acts as an energy booster.

Indian snacks (also called namkeen) are absolute magical delights. Hard to resist, namkeen are the saviours on idle afternoons or as a readymade side dish with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee. Hardly you will find an Indian home without a pack of namkeen. Sweet, tangy and spicy, Indian snacks are combination of ultimate flavours. We bring to you an array of authentic Indian snacks in USA. Distacart is the genie to all your food wishes!

Snacks ranging from Patanjali Moong Dal Namkeen, Mithaiwala Khatta Mitha, Pulla Reddy Salt Kaju, Dadu’s Kaju Pakoda to Vellanki Food’s Kaju Chudva, explore our online shopping arcade and buy Indian snacks online.

We make online shopping better for you with easy payment options. You can make payments through credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Net Banking. So with just one click, tasty Indian Namkeens USA is on your way.

Let us check out some of the famous Indian snacks online USA which you can enjoy both at day and night.


This is the best instant evening Indian snacks if you want to enjoy multiple flavours at one go. The popular mixture namkeen include Navarathna Mixture. It is generally made with lot of nuts and spices. This crispy appetizer comes with a grand look and is a perfect Diwali snacks. Cornflakes mixture, dalmoti mixture, khara mixtureand rice flakes mixture are some other crunchy evening snacks recipes.

Nut- based namkeen:

Nut-based namkeen can be considered as the perfect Indian snacks for kids. Satisfy the evening hunger pangs of your little ones with tasty nut-based snacks. Kids look forward towards the evening snacks and a plate of hot and spicy kaju acts as an energy booster. Kaju chudva, salted kaju, pepper kaju, dry fruit mixture and masala peanuts can satisfy both the taste and health need of children until the dinner is served.

Ribbon Pakoda:

Ribbon Pakoda is a tasty variant of Murukku. This crispy deep-fried ribbon Pakoda is in form of a salty snack with good taste. It is fabricated in different ways with different proportions of rice flour and besan. Some verities of ribbon Pakoda add fried gram flour. The addition of fried gram flout makes it crispier and crunchy.


Chegodi is popular in Andhra Pradesh is goldenly shaded, sprinkled with sesame, moon dal, cumin and crunchy with an irresistible addictive taste. It is perfect to eat during travel and watching television.


Murukku is a crunchy and fried snack made with rice flour, urad dal flour and selected species. The flour is then mixed and formed into concentric rings and then deep-fried. It is one o the popular snack and has different names in every state.

Kara Boondi:

Kara Boondi is a traditional Indian snack made with chickpea four dough. The chickpea flour dough is added with salt and spied and before frying it the dough is passed through a filter spoon that makes round shaped like a pearl.


Chekkalu is prepared in various shapes and has different names in every region. It is one of the snacks prepared during festival times and now it is available online. They need a perfect consistency in the preparation of batter and it is a good snack in the evening time.

Masala Peanuts:

Masala peanut is a delicious snack made with dry peanuts. It is a great tea time snack and is bade with common ingratiates and can be stored for weeks. It will give more taste if you eat by add if some chopped onions and green chilies.


Seedai is usually served as an evening snack. It is a crunchy and yummy snack made with rice flour and other ingredients and make like a tiny ball-shaped dough then deep fry. There are different types of Seedai made with various main ingredients.

Masala Kaju:

Masala Kaju is roasted cashew with an addictive and delicious taste. It is a popular Indian snack and can be eaten anytime anywhere. Cashew is rich in healthy nutrients eating in the form of crispy snacks will give the same nutrient with addictive flavor.


Omapodi is a crispy and delicious snack with the aroma and flavor of ajwain and carom seeds. It is a good tea time snack or can eat while reading or watching movies. Omapodi is one of the traditional dishes which have been made as a Diwali dish.

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Thanks for ordering Online. Without snacks, our day will not be complete. Snacks are a great way to make our tea time and evening time more perfect. Different varieties of traditional and healthy snacks are available online on Distacart at the best price.

Snacks for Every Occasion:

Party on your mind? Start stocking best Indian snacks. Available in all shapes and sizes, these are the best choices for any type of event. If you do not want to get into the hassle of setting up a barbecue or making fancy starters for guests, serve namkeen snacks. These crunchy, yummy namkeen goes well along with all drinks and starters. We bring to you the tastiest Indian snacks from top confectionary brands. 

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Snacks FAQ’s:

1.Is roasted namkeen is good for your health?

The roasted namkeen is an alternative snack for you instead of your regular snacks. The roasted namkeen contains many nutrients and less sodium, and it will be more tasty and healthy than oily snacks.

2.What are the popular Indian snakes for occasions?

Murukku and pakkoda is a tasty tea-time snack that is easily prepared by south Indian homes. It is simple to make and too delicious to resist, and so it is popular among Indian snacks. The mullu murukku is one of the most famous murukku snacks in India.

3. What are considered as traditional South Indian snacks?

The traditional south Indian food includes crunchy kava sev, which is made up of peanuts and rice flour. The fried nut-based snacks are often prepared for festivals and celebrations. Other than this, boondhi, pakkoda, and ompodi are famous traditional south Indian snacks.

4.What are the basic ingredients in Karam palli?

The Karam Palli are mostly made with ground nuts, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, red chilies, salt, and roasted peanut. Because of using these ingredients, Karam Palli is also considered a healthy snack.

5.What is the approximate shelf life of a packet of namkeen mixture?

10-15 days

6.What are popular Indian snacks?

Kara mixture, Pakoda, Masala Kaju, Dalmothi and Janthikalu are some of the famous Indian namkeen.

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