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Light up Your Home With Diyas From Distacart:

The Diyas symbolize goodness and purity, and enlightenment denotes the dispersal of darkness and the transition to light. 53 different types of Diyas are widely used among people such as Silver Diyas, Gold Diyas, Iron Diyas, and Brass Diyas etc. These Diyas are now available on Distacart. You can select whatever designs your want from your home. Get the best collection of Diyas for your pooja, marriage and other important festivals like Diwali, Pongal, etc. People now prefer different verities of Diyas to be placed in their homes.

Gold Diyas:

Gold Diyas are an integral part of every pooja. It is the tradition in India that has a round base and flat bottom. This will be a perfect gift for weddings, rituals and other special occasions. The materials can significantly affect the flow of holy energies in your house.

Silver Diyas:

Silver Diyas are inflamed and is used to please the moon god. Usually, this action is intended to maintain the shortage in abeyance. It holds a great significance and the lightning that marks something auspicious in our lives.

Iron Diyas:

You can find many Iron Diyas with beautiful designs on Distacart. These iron Diyas are generally used to appease the lord Shani along with a light indicator that destroys the darkness.

Earthen Diyas:

The importance of the earthen Diyas is primary in all kinds of worship, prayers and religious rituals. They are costly but lovely and can be reused several times for decoration. They are also used as decoration of festivals.

Clay Diyas:

Clay Diyas are usually used as temporary lighting for special occasions; particularly on Diwali represent awakening and wisdom. It is a part of Indian culture for religious reasons.

Brass Diyas:

Brass Diyas are used to attract and preserve Holy Spirit. The use of brass Diyas can attract a positive vibe and eliminate negativity in your home. There are different varieties of Brass Diyas that are now available online.

Aluminum Diyas:

There is a wide range of collections of Aluminum Diyas available on Distacart. People are now largely started to use Aluminum Diyas for pooja and other festivals.

Glass Diyas:

Beautiful designer Diyas are made from glass material. Various shapes and sizes of Glass Diyas are in the online market now. The texture of Glass gives unique look to Diyas.

Marble Diyas:

Marble Diyas have many strategically positioned carvings which let out light. They look fantastic in the corners and light up the house instantly. These are good gifting options for pooja.

Crystal Diyas:

Decorative Crystal Diyas is used for lighting up with the help of cotton strands. It is a custom or tradition to begin all propitious events by lighting up the Diyas to create a spiritual atmosphere.

Shop Diyas Online From Distacart:

Thanks to online shopping. You can easily find a beautiful collection of Diyas at different kind of materials that brings the Holy Spirit to your home, Buy this auspicious product from Distacart. Online shopping sites often give offers to its customer and make your Festivals and pooja brighter with these Diyas.

Significance of lighting up Diyas:

Festivals and Pooja are incomplete without Diyas, It is an Indian Tradition to light up the Diyas the day before every and on the day of every festival. It gives goodness and a positive vibe to the home and eliminates the negativity as it eliminates the darkness. Lighting the Diyas also indicates greed for anger and other vices stands for good luck. The traditional Diyas are lightened with ghee and vegetable oil. As per the Hindu Tradition, it is believed that ghee and vegetable oil also signify negativity in the mind and the wick for the soul.

Diya’s FAQ’s:

1. What does Diyas Symbolize?

It symbolizes kindness and purity. Lighting up the Diyas reveals the dispersion of darkness and the passing of light.

2. What is Crystal Diyas?

It is an ideal decorative Diyas used as the best option for gifting.

3. At what time should light up Diyas?

Most people light up during make pooja and in the evening to enlighten the darkness.

4. What is the best position for Diyas to place at home?

To increase your health, place Diyas facing eastwards. Diyas kept close to water containers can eliminate negativity and protect from disease and increase wealth.

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