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Cushion Covers:

We use cushion covers in our daily life as they are an essential item used to protect the cushions from dust and keep them clean. Cushion covers are a part of bedding, and apart from protecting cushions from wear and tear, they also escalate the aesthetics of your place and make it look colorful and vibrant.

There are many different materials from which cushion covers are made. Some of them are – nylon, linen, satin, silk, etc. However, the most popular fabric from which cushion covers is made in cotton.

Cushion covers will add an extra touch of enhancement to your place as they come in various designs and shapes. They become a part of your home décor. Some of the best cushion covers you can use for your place are 

Floral cushion covers :

Any design which has flowers in it is called a floral print. Cushion covers with floral print have become popular these days and look attractive due to the vibrant covers. You can find the best floral covers merchandized by The décor Nook, which provides many different print styles that you can choose from.

Embroider cushion cover:

Embroidery is a form of craft that uses threads and yarn for decoration using needles. For decorating it better, you can also use other materials like pearls, beads, sequin, etc. Embroidery cushions have a unique look to them, and they stand out when used. Some of the best embroidery covers are sold by The Décor Nook online at Distacart.

Macramé cushion covers: 

Macramé is a unique crafting style where knots are used to create distinctive textile patterns. Macramé cushion covers look fancy and elegant; you can find different patterns and designs online provided by The Décor Nook.

Cushion Covers FAQ’s:

1. Why should I use cushion covers?

You should use cushion covers because cushions tend to get dirty naturally. Using cushion covers will protect your cushions from germs, dead skin, and dirt. Apart from this, they are easy to remove and wash, making their use more convenient.

2. Are linen cushion covers good?

Linen is one of the materials that is used for making cushion covers. It is widely used these days because they are strong and breathable. Another benefit of linen is that the colors of the fabric do not fade away quickly and can be used for long.

3. How should you choose a cushion cover?

While buying a cushion cover, there are certain aspects that you should consider. The material used should be comfortable and breathable. It should also be easy to wash and clean. The cushion covers should also be attractive and decorative and match your surrounding décor.

4. What is the best fabric for cushion covers?

The most commonly used fabrics are cotton and linen which are widely found. They are also easily washable and prevent any itchiness on your skin due to the fabric.

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