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Pulses or ‘dal’ are dried seeds of some plants which can be consumed. They are mostly found in Asian countries and are considered an essential part of a vegan meal. They have high nutrient value, especially protein. Consuming them on regular basis is considered to be beneficial for one’s health. 

In India, one can easily find pulses Foods anywhere. These form an essential part of everyday meals. Served hot with a tadka, Indian dals make for a wholesome meal. These are cooked after boiling. It won’t be wrong to say that dals and chapatti are indispensable constituents of Indian family time.  In case, if someone lives outside India, away from one’s family, then he or she is bound to miss the family and flavor of various dals. However, there’s nothing impossible these days, where one can connect with his or her family over video calls; dals can also be availed anywhere by ordering them online on Distacart. One can choose any favorite dal online here and avail of the health benefits at the convenience of his or her home. Not only are the rates reasonable but the quality offered is superb too. Even the unpolished dals, which are known to be kind of organic versions of pulses are also available on Distacart. 

In the US, peas, chickpeas, beans, and lentil dal are the most popular varieties. These are easy to cook as well and make for a light meal with various health benefits. 

Organic Dals:

Indian pulses are nothing but the pure versions of regular dals. They are processed without using any harmful chemicals and are considered to be more nutritious than polished ones. One can order Organic dals online easily. You need to visit Distacart on its pulses page and choose the ones of your choice or need and place an order. In US, one can receive them anywhere by purchasing them from Distacart. The website provides free shipping as well. 

Types of lentils:

Dal and pulses such as toor dal, red lentils, moong dal, dal chana, urad dal, toor dal
masoor dal, green lentils, black lentils, brown lentils, madras lentils, legumes beans,
yellow lentils, green gram, and chana dal are stapling items in Indian kitchens. These pulses are used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes to add flavor, texture, and nutritional value. Dal is a rich source of nutrients such as protein, vitamin C, calcium, and iron


1. What are Indian pulses?

Indian pulses or dals are those protein-rich crops that are sown in India however are available almost everywhere in the world either online or otherwise. These are dried seeds of certain plants which are polished (or unpolished) and then cooked.

2. What are the health benefits of dals or pulses?

Dals or pulses are considered to be a rich source of dietary fiber and protein. They are easily digestible and help in keeping the weight in control. 

3. How can I order Indian Dals online? 

Indian dals are not easily available in grocery stores in countries like US. These are more common in Asian countries, especially in India. However in case one wishes to relish any dal in USA, he or she can do so by ordering them on Distacart. 

4. What is the difference between pulses and beans?

Pulses, as described above, are edible seeds or basically legumes. Beans fall under the category of pulses. For example, commonly known beans like chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, etc are also various forms of pulses. These are also available online and can be ordered on Distacart. 

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