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Mr. Makhana

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Makhana, as we all know, is traditionally an Indian product. Mr-Makhana is a newly launched product in the market. This brand mainly focuses on satisfying the craving that people who like to munch regularly get. The key factor of this brand is that the products they sell are ahealthy alternative to chips that we get in the market. This is good for people who are looking formunchies that are rich in calcium and protein. Moreover, it is paired well with tea or even to satiate the hunger strokes!

Consumers can easily buy Mr.Makhana products online from their official website or from third-party websites. This product is taking over the market at a fast pace and will be among the most demanded products soon.

Mr-Makhana snacks:

The main factor of Mr. Makhana's Healthy snacks is roasted with olive oil, making them super healthy to consume regularly or satisfy the food cravings. Not to worry about the ingredients, as these products are completely gluten and MSG-free. They are available in the market, seasoned with different spices and herbs.

Snacks: These are available in different flavors, and there is a wide list to choose from. This is anideal snack for people who like to munch while traveling or chilling at home. If you aren’t a big fan of artificial flavorings, there is fresh raw Makhana available for you.

MR.Makhana FAQ’s:

1. What are the primary ingredients used in the snacks of Mr-Makhana?

The primary ingredients in Mr-Makhana packets are Makhana (usually referred to as foxnuts or lotus seeds), olive oil, herbs, and spices. There are many flavors in these, so a flavor enhancer is used in different flavors.

2. Are Mr-Makhana products fresh and crunchy?

Yes, Mr-Makhana products are always fresh. Crunch and have a unique flavor than the regular ones which we usually get in the market.

3. What makes Mr-Makhana a healthy Alternative to chips?

Mr-Makhana is a snack that is not fried but roasted, and there is minimal use of any additional stuff that makes it bad for health. Also, olive oil is used in making them. All these things make Mr-Makhana a healthy alternative to chips.

4. Are Mr-Makhana snacks spicy?

Mr-Makhana snacks are available in different flavors. Some are spicy, and some have a bland taste.

5. What quality of the packaging is used for Mr-Makhana snacks?

The packaging style is the same as it is for a normal packet of chips, but the quality of the packaging is higher.

6. How much quantity do we get in a packet of Mr-Makhana?

Mr-Makhana packets are available in two different sizes. There is a 25 gm and a 75-gm packet available in the market.

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