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Himalaya Herbals - Diabecon (DS) Tablets, For Diabetes, 100% Vegetarian, 60 tablets

Himalaya Herbals Diabecon is a natural medicine for diabetes. The medicine is based on Ayurvedic principles. 


Himalaya Herbals Diabecon tablets are made with

• Pitasara

• Shilajeet

• Meshashringi

Health Benefits 

The natural ingredients in Himalaya Herbals Diabecon tablets is creates more insulin in the body. This helps to provide relief from high blood sugar levels; new diabetic patients get more help from this medicine. The key benefits offered by the medicine are

• Shilajeet reduces hepatic glucose production. This lowers blood sugar levels and prevents hyperglycaemia.

• Meshashringi contains gymnemic acid. This comes with anti- diabetic properties which reduces blood sugar levels.

• Pitasara contains epicatechin. This balances lipid metabolism.

• Meshashringi also has a regenerative effect on the pancreas. This stimulates the production and activity of insulin.

• Meshashringi also ensures better utilisation of glucose in the body.

• Gymnema is also known to reduce sugar carvings as it eliminates the taste for sugar.


Himalaya Herbals was founded in 1930. The company is one of the big players in the market of herbal medicine and beauty products. The Diabecon tablets from Himalaya Herbals are

• Mild to the body.

• Clinically tested by experts.

• Are not known to have any adverse effects on the body.

• There are 60 tablets in a single container.

• Made with 100% pure natural ingredients.


Himalaya Herbals suggest patients to have these Diabecon tablets only after consulting a doctor. The medicine should be consumed following the below schedule.

• 2 times in a day.


Himalaya Herbals Diabecon tablets stay fresh and effective for long if the following tips are followed.

• Keep away from direct sunlight.

• Store at a cool and dry place.


The medicine should be kept away from the reach of children.

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