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Ayurvedic Books - Read the Way of Natural Healing

If you are seeking a natural and positive lifestyle, Ayurvedic products are your best resort. Want to know more about this ancient Indian science? Now Distacart brings to you the best ofAyurvedic supplement books. The exclusive collection of Ayurvedic diet books and supplement  books from Distacart include

Patanjali Aushadh Darshan:

This book is an asset to Ayurvedic doctors and users of Ayurvedic supplements. Written by Acharya Balakrishna, this book is an encyclopedia of Ayurvedic supplements. The ancient medical remedies mentioned in this book is known to show miraculous effects on chronic diseases. Patanjali Aushadh Darshan is available in multiple languages, like English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Telugu.

The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies:

This is an invaluable book on self-healing. All the Ayurvedic medicinal recipes mentioned in the book are considered safe and effective alternatives to Western supplements. The book is written by Dr. Lad. This is one of theAyurvedic supplement books where you can learn how to identify your Ayurvedic type (Vata, Kapha, or Pitta dosha) and how to heal naturally by treating the disease as per your dosha. The book speaks about common health issues like cough and cold, and also helps with chronic diseases like Arthritis and high cholesterol. To get positive effects from Ayurveda, making positive changes in the lifestyle is a must. These include yoga, meditation, proper diet, and the use of essential oils. This book covers all these aspects in simple and easy-to-understand language.

The Ayurvedic Diet:

Fixing your food habits is the best remedy for diseases. If you are struggling to get out of the vicious circle of wrong diet and junk food,Ayurvedic diet books are a must read. Reenita Malhotra Hora is an Ayurvedic expert and she shares her immense knowledge and experience in Ayurvedic supplements to help you imbibe a positive and healthy food habit. The best part, this book does not contain difficult Sanskrit words and is simple to understand. The book is written in English and is available in paperback format. So, try out new and tasty recipes of Ayurvedic food every day with this book. Want to gift something useful to your health-conscious friend, this book can be the perfect one.


1. What are the best Ayurvedic books?

Patanjali Aushadh Darshan by Acharya Balakrishna and Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad are some of the best books written on Ayurveda.

2. Can I get Ayurveda books online in the USA and Canada?

Yes. Distacart brings to you some of the most popular Ayurveda books in the USA and Canada.

3. What are some of the famous health Ayurveda books?

Patanjali Aushadh Darshan by Acharya Balakrishna and Easy Ayurveda Home Remedies by M. S. Krishnamurthy and JV Hebber are some of the popular books which speaks about Ayurvedic remedies to health issues.

4. Can I get the complete book of Ayurvedic home remedies online?

Yes. This comprehensive book on ancient Ayurvedic healing from Vasant Lad is now available on Distacart.

5. Are there any Ayurveda books dealing with psychology? 

Ayurveda and the Mind written by Dr. David Frawley is one of the most popular books on Ayurveda. This book deals with the psychological aspect of the human brain.

6. How many days do you take to deliver Ayurveda books?

Distacart offers express delivery within 3-4 days of placing the order.

7. How can I make payments for the Ayurvedic books on Distacart?

Distacart offers flexible delivery options. You can pay through net banking, paypal, credit cards and debit cards.

8. Are there any Ayurvedic cookbooks?

The Ayurvedic Diet, written by Reenita Malhotra Hora and Ayurvedic Cooking for Self- Healing are great books on Ayurvedic diet and cooking.

9. Does Distacart charge any additional duty for delivering Ayurvedic books in Canada?

No. Distacart delivers Ayurvedic books to Canada duty-free.

10. Is there any ancient Ayurvedic text books?

Easy Ayurveda Home Remedies, written by M.S. Krishnamurthy and JV hebbar is based on ancientAyurvedic text books, Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hrudayam.

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