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Indian Kitchenware Online- Smart Utensils for Smart Homes:

Serve ware and cookware which was once considered as the rich man’s choice is now a must have in every home. With wide variety of Indian kitchenware available online within the reach of everyone’s budget, more and more households now have the best of the serve ware you simply can’t do without. 

Cup and Saucer Sets:

If you love hosting garden parties or high-tea parties English style? Then you cannot do without an attractive array of tea sets. You need a teapot, tea cups, and saucers as a part of the tea set or cutlery set. You get tea cups, saucers and pots made out of China clay, wood, ceramic, glass, and porcelain, to name a few. 


Vegetable food choppers especially are not only handy, but they also perform some food preparation tasks like chopping, mincing, and dicing at a reasonable pace. Such tasks usually consume a lot of time if they are done in a traditional, tedious way. However, with vegetable choppers at Distacart, these tasks can be performed easily and smoothly saving you a lot of time and energy. 


Our dinnerware is perfect for serving hot beverages, soup and dessert items. Each and every piece of crockery set (including plates, spoons, and bowls) is beautifully designed and is dishwasher and also some are microwave safe. They are easy to handle made of chip-resistant material. The set is lightweight, extra strong, scratch proof and makes up for a great gift as well. There are dinnerware options for every kitchen and household needs. 

Cookware and Serveware:

We present to you, utensils like kadhai, pans, handis made in double-layered metal which actually help to preserve the dish hot for a long period of time.  Ideal for cooking and at the same time presentable enough to be flaunted in front of many! Pans with wide mouth for large capacity with safe lid are perfect for serving lentils, curries and rice dishes.

Jars, Jugs and Bottles:

Serve your beverages with style and demure with the most stylish to simplistic range of bottles, jugs and jars. They are designed to suit your ease and comfort to preserve milk, water, oil, juices, pickles, condiments, snacks. - multipurpose in nature and reusable with air-tight lids and covers! 

Tiffins and Casseroles:

Distacart presents to you convenience for life in form of insulated-steel and plastic products (Thermo steel and Thermoware), non-insulated products (Household), Melamine and HORECA that keeps your lunch as fresh as new. All tiffin boxes and its material are BPA-free and FDA-approved and also are safe for use.

Kitchen Tools:

Ergonomically designed finest kitchen tools ranging from chopper, coconut scraper, manual juicer, medu wada maker, colander, peeler, water melon cutter are available at the most reasonable prices to make your daily kitchen tasks effortless and simple. 

Containers and Jars:

Containers, boxes are some of the must-have of every kitchen. Containers help in keeping the ingredients or any food item fresh. They are available in the form of canisters, casseroles, copper surai etc. They are widely used to store pulses, rice, nuts, spices, oil, dough, cookies, bread, coffee, sugar, tea leaves for better shelf life. Also, you will find them in varied sizes and capacity to suit your needs. 

Pressure Cookers:

Solve your kitchen needs by adding to your wish list cookers for every occasion available in different ranges, from stainless steel, non-stick handi-cookers, anodized to make cooking easy and efficient. The non-reactive coating and corrosion resistant design retains the flavor of your cooked dishes perfectly. Each pressure cooker comes with metal pan body, lid handle and gas kit. 

Covers and Protectors for Kitchen:

Your kitchen worktop sees a lot of action over the course of the day. So, certain protection from heat, oil, flames, butter is essential for cleanliness and safety purposes most importantly. Distacart features dining table covers, mats, refrigerator covers, tissues, and lid holders etc. to meet your basic needs. 

Browse Distacart and get all your kitchen needs at one place within 3-5 working days at your doorsteps. You can also check for other categories like Home Decor, Healthcare, Beauty care, and more.


1. Which material is safest of all in cookware?

Non-stick cookware is usually considered the safest and durable these days.  Here, Distacart presents to you world-class non-stick cookware with superior finish which is made of non-stick coating technology , non- staining ,easy to wash ,  non-reactive with food - available in a wide range of products such as wok, Dutch oven, cooker etc. to prepare hassle -free supper for large gathering anytime! 

2. How to prevent food from sticking to cast Iron cookware?

Overheating our Cast Iron Casseroles usually can cause food to stick. So, once your casserole is at the stage where it simply needs to sit and simmer gently allowing the food to thicken and the flavors to develop, you can put it in the oven on a low to medium heat (maximum temp 190°c) to continue cooking. 

3. What is the difference between anodized and non-stick and what’s better?

Anodized cookware, sometimes called hard anodized cookware, starts with an aluminium or aluminium alloy base. Anodized cookware provides resistance to corrosion, scratching and other damage. It offers heat distribution and does not react to acidic foods. Whereas, cooking at too high a temperature burns food in a non-stick pan, affecting the non-stick coating. Though, cleaning up a non-stick is relatively easier. So, wisely take your call as per your requirements. 

4. Which kitchen chopper is best suited to cut vegetables?

Premium quality, sharp, stainless steel chopping blade for easy cutting of hard vegetables, with anti-slipping grip will be appreciated by both novices and experienced chefs for it’s durable blade, safe handle .  

5. What are the advantages of copper cookware and serveware?

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. Copper pots and pans are usually lined with tin or stainless steel so the consumer doesn't need to be concerned with copper toxicity.