Bobbili Medium Veena

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Bobbili Medium Veena, Miniature of Traditional Musical Instrument, Authentic Piece from Andhra Pradesh, Made with Wood, 42.5*11.5*11.5 cms, 500 grams in Weight, 1 Piece

This medium sized veena is an authentic piece from the city of Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh. 


Also known by the names of Saraswati veena or Ekanda veena, the Bobbili veena dates back to the 19th century. This masterpiece is

• Weights just 500 grams.

• Made with jackfruit wood.

• Bright and multicoloured with the use of brown, black, red and white paints.

• 7 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width.

• An handicraft item and does not play music.


The artisans from Bobbili have mastered the art of making miniature forms of veena from hundreds of years. These musical instruments are signature handicrafts from the place. Gift these on corporate events and to music lovers or use these to give an ethnic look to your home.

• Carved out from a single piece of wood.

• Medium sized and thus can be easily placed in a small space.

• Made with well seasoned wood and hence is long lasting.

• Durable and can be easily transported from one place to the other.

• Can be delivered within business 2-3 days right at the doorsteps.

• Can be wrapped in a gift pack and can be sent to the recipient address with a personalised message.


Retain the new look and shine of the Bobbili veena for a long time span by

• Brush away the dust on regular basis.

• Cleaning it everyday with a soft, dry cloth.

• Keep it away from water to avoid dampening of the wood. 

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