Bobbili Standing veena

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Bobbili Standing veena, Authentic Traditional Showpiece, National Musical Instrument, 7*10*27 cms, 1 Piece

This standing veena is another style of Bobbili musical instruments. Veena is associated to Goddesa Saraswati and is made at the cities of Tanjore, Rajmundry and Bobbili. This is a miniature of the world famous Indian musical instrument veena. 


Bobbili standing veena is Ideal for gifting high profile people because of this sophisticated looks and intricate designs. This traditional South Indian musical instrument is 

• Made with well seasoned jackfruit wood.

• It is carved out of a single piece of wood.

• Is a blend of light brown, black and white paints.

• The face of the veena is decorated with bird images.

• This is a miniature piece and does not produce any sound. 


Bobbili standing veena can bring smile on the face of any music lover. Gift it on birthdays, on corporate events or even as part of a music program. This is so special because

• This medium sized veena is light weight.

• It is durable and easily fits in a small cabinet.

• This is a non- toxic and eco friendly product. 

• The veena is handcrafted and painted with high quality colours which are long lasting.

• Can be gift wrapped and directly sent to the recipient address.

• This showpiece is delivered at the doorstep of the recipient within 2- 3 business days.


Keep this Bobbili standing veena intact and retain the new look of this musical instrument for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Clean the veena with a dry and soft cotton cloth.

• Keep it away from water so that the paint does not wash away.

• Handle with care so that it does not fall from height.

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