Crystal(Alum & Quartz) 108 Beads Chain (Medium Size) / Spatika 108 Pusalu Mala (Medium Size)

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Crystal (Alum & Quartz) 108 Beads Chain (Medium Size) / Spatika 108 Pusalu Mala (Medium Size): Made with 100% Authentic Spatika/ Crystals, 5 gram weight, 1 Piece


This Spatika Crystal mala is very important for today’s busy life. From ancient time this chain has been used by many noble men and women for a peaceful mind and soul which is very necessary as it effects our day to day life positively.

• Made with 100% original crystals.

• The crystal Mala is 40 cms in length.

• The Spatika Mala is 5 grams in weight.

• Can be worn by both men and women.

• The beads are threaded in form of a chain.


Associated with Lord Shiva, Saturn Planet and Venus Planet this chain is known to be magical. According Astrology this powerful chain can be helpful for those who all have moon problems in their horoscope. So this chain may lead to a stress free life full of happiness.

• This crystal made chain is also popular as Jaap Mala and as the name suggest it helps for meditation or Jaap.

• It is known to protect its user from the negativity of the environment.

• This natural coolant of mind helps to increase concentration and keeps your mind cool.

• People who are suffering from hypertension, insomnia can wear this chain for the improvement of health. By maintaining the balance of the surrounding energies it may prevent such problems.

• By strengthening your mind this crystal may also help emotionally weak people and increase their self-confidence.

Maintenance & care

This powerful chain must be taken care properly in order to maintain its quality. Spatika has been used from thousands of years and below customs are generally followed.

• Soak the crystal chain in milk regularly.

• Wear it only after taking bath.

• Don’t wear this chain if you are visiting any new born baby or going for funerals.

• Remove this chain before sleeping and keep it near your Pooja place.

• Avoid any kind of bad thoughts while wearing this chain.

• Don’t eat any non veg item wearing this powerful chain.

• Handle it properly and most importantly respect it.

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