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Himalayan Herbolax Tablets, Bowel Regulator, Solves Constipation Problems, 100% Vegetarian, 20gms

Himalaya Herbals- Herbolax tablets is an amazing product from the brand. This medicine is used generally for constipation issues. 

Ingredients :

Himalaya Herbolax tablets are prepared following Ayurvedic principles. This medicine is made with all- natural ingredients which include 

• Trivruth- Has laxative action.

• Chebulic Myrobalan- Also called haritaki, it ensures smooth contraction of stomach muscles. 

Health Benefits :

Himalaya Herbolax is a natural solution to different stomach related issues like

• Treats dyspepsia.

• Promotes digestion.

• Elimination of gas shadows.

• For pre-radiographic bowel preparations.

• Is used as a carminative, that is, to reduce flatulence.

• Prevents Gas formation in the stomach.

• Relief from constipation; can be used both during postoperative and non- ambulatory periods.

The laxative contents of this medicine softens the stool and improves the intestinal motility. This in turn help solve the above mentioned health issues. 


Himalaya is a well known health and beauty product manufacturer from India. The brand is in this business since 1930 and is known for its all- natural products. The Himalaya Herbolax can be a health enhancer to the body because

• 100% vegetarian.

• Available in a sealed container.

• These are available both as tablets and capsules.

• Till date no negative side affects have been reported.


• Need to be taken orally.

• As suggested by the physician.


Follow the below steps to use the tablets most effectively.

• Keep away from directly sunlight; at a cool and dry place.

• In order to ensure better radiological interpretation combine Herbolax with Himalaya Gasex.

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